Thursday, October 9, 2008

Picture and Video Post

Here are some pictures and videos that I got of my boy today.

Spanky takes a break on my bed.
Spanky and me playing toss the ball.
More Toss the ball. He has some amazing jumping skills.

Two videos of me and Spanky playing a game.

So why do I post these pictures and videos of me breaking several of GDB puppy raising rules. Well, it is because I got this today:

DOG: 46N7 - Spanky M\LAB\Black - PRP\REL DOB:6/30/2007
LOCATION: Constituent
RELEASED DATE: 10/8/2008
SUMMARY: Spanky has a history of alarm barking and hackling at unusual objects or people in the distance. He had a severe reaction to a man working on a car with the hood up and noisy tools. He backed away with no recovery. Tug toys and food rewards for calm behavior have been used with limited to no success. While the behavior, at times, seems to resolve, it returns suddenly and is unpredictable. In known situations with his primary raiser, Spanky is a calm and relaxed-looking dog. He is affectionate and friendly in these settings. He is interactive with people and dogs and plays nicely with dogs.
RELEASE REASON(S): 21301 - BEH: Fearful Behavior Environment Generalized

So Spanky is officially a career changed dog. I found out this morning while I was at work so on the way home me and Spanky stopped at the pet store and I bought him a ball. One of those Kong Bounzer Balls and he loves it! I also had my first puppyless puppy class in a long time today but it went well. I had a lot of fun there! And I turned in Spankys puppy coat so no more socialization outings for him. He will be staying here until November 1st when the puppy truck comes through, his first raiser is not taking him back so he will go to the Oregon Campus to be placed by GDB. I really hope that what happened with Glennie doesn't happen with him and that his adopters keep in touch. I don't want to loose track of him. So for the next three weeks he is going to play the role of spoiled rotten pet. I am going to try and teach him some fun tricks and we will be playing fetch a lot. (I can tell he has been itching to play since he got here and he is a natural) He absolutely loves it and didn't want to stop. Today is the happiest I have seen him since he got here. I think that pet life agrees with him and he will be so much happier without the stresses of being a working dog. I am glad we got to go out with a bang after his FANTASTIC outing at the mall a few days ago. I am still sad, but it is what is best for him. :)

So, I guess now I am just waiting on puppy news. I was kinda hoping to get some info today but alas, looks like I will be waiting another week. So maybe next Thursday. . . *sigh*


Brittany said...

Sounds like Hobbs' cc! unpredictable, unrecoverable fear reactions. Spanky also sound like pet life already agree's with him. Fingers are crossed here that his adopters will keep in touch with you.

Keep us updated with spoiled puppy pictures!

Erin and guide pup Midnight said...

I'm sorry to hear that he was CC'd, but looks like he's enjoying pet life to the max!! That's awesome!!

SARAH said...

oh! I'm sorry he didn't make it! that's gotta be hard, but he'll sure make some family very happy!

Natalie said...

Aw Megan, I'm so sorry to hear that Spanky's cc'ed but he looks SO happy playing fetch and chilling on the bed I know he'll have the time of his life as a spoiled pet! Fingers crossed his new family will keep in touch with you!
Also, congratulations on improving on his issues...your last post was awesome!
Big hugs to you and Spanky! (He's sooo cute and I still love his name :))

Elizabeth and Alana said...

Too bad it's official. :( He looks like he's having a great time being a pet, though. It will be so fun to get to spoil him rotten for the next few weeks. :)

Emily and Douglas said...

I'm sorry to hear the update :( You have done such an amazing job with him... and it sounds like you are doing a great job with his "finishing school"! He will arrive at his new home knowing exactly how to behave as a pet :) I hope his new family will appreciate what a wonderful dog he is and stay in touch too.

Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

You scared me with those first couple pictures...I was like wait...why is she posting this? That was mighty tricky of you. ;)

I'm really sorry that Spanky was Cc'd. You did a wonderful job with him though, just by that last good outing you can tell that he's improved so much with you. I know he'll make someone a very special pet, it looks like he really enjoys his new found freedoms already! Hopefully his new adopters will stay in touch. I wonder if they'll keep his name? :)

Cannot wait to hear puppy news!

Madison and Andros said...

sorry about his official 'CC! He will enjoy the good life! Can't wait to hear pup news!!!!

Irish said...

Spanky is doing what he chose to do. That is how it goes. The dogs choose their career not their puppyraiser. Onward to the next one and I can hardly wait to hear the adventures of "unnamed as of yet puppy". Spanky on the other hand is off to great adventures in the land of spoiled and extremely well loved pet dog.

Emily, Suede, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Ahh no, I'm so sorry! It sounds like it was what is best for Spanky, and he will be happy in his life as a pet. Good job to you Megan for taking him on and doing a great job with him! Can't wait to hear more puppy news :)

Sarah and Shadow said...

We're so sorry that he's been career changed. I hope he likes being a pet better! Great pictures by the way!

Sarah and Shadow