Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Week as a Pet

Spankys first week as a pet went pretty well. He is still getting used to (and not liking) having to stay home when I leave. He was throwing a fit the first three days (I could hear him barking when I was outside and getting in my car) but now he whines until I am up the stairs and then he stops. It kinda breaks my heart but he is getting better so that is good I guess. It is so weird running errands without a dog though. And I can't even count the number of times people have asked me where my dog is. It is hard to explain 50 jillion times a day especially because it is hard for most people to understand. lol I have taken him to a few friends houses, the pet store, Home Depot, and the park a bunch so he is getting out and he really loves going with me. His neighborhood walks are much more relaxed now too because he has a bit more freedom to sniff and do what he wants and he is enjoying that. I have also been teaching him some tricks and he is having fun with those. But all in all pet life is good for the Spankster!

Here is Spanky wearing his non-GDB collar. I just wrote his name in Sharpie on one of Prudys old collars (she only wore it for a week because I found this super cute floral one that I thought would look good on her and my mom was giving me a hard time for not getting her girlie collars) So it is Spankys now and I think it looks good on him. His name is on one side and his tattoo number is on the other. I tried to do some fancy embroidery on it to make his name but it failed miserably so I just wrote it. :)

He is getting more comfy on my bed though. So much that he gets up there and moves my blankets and messes up my freshly made bed. Silly pup and he is a bed hog but it is really nice to have a dog on the bed again.

Here are videos of his tricks. (I really wish I could figure out how to turn them so one you will have to tilt your head to watch, sorry) The first one is from the other day. I realized that if I growled at Spanky when he has a toy in his mouth he would growl back. It was so funny I got a little clip of it. We did that for about twenty minutes. The next is "paw" and "other paw" and then then third on is "paw" and "other paw" but it was while he was learning and he hesitated for a minute and then he got so excited when he understood what I wanted it was so cute. and the last one is "where's your toy" He will go grab a toy. We have not learned specific toys yet but we started with just getting one of his choice and then do specifics later. I figure it would be fun to send him off to his new home knowing some fun tricks. Also I am trying to keep him stimulated since we don't go on outing anymore he will go crazy if he doesn't get to do something. We are also working on Spin he hasn't quite grasped that one so we are still working on it. Also I am trying Play dead and Roll over. Not quite there on those two either. Hopefully I can get some video of those for next week. :)

Oh, and no puppy news yet. I am dying for news! Hopefully in the next couple of days. . . Please!!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Ahh I love the first video of Spanky. So cute. :) Chappelle makes some noises that are similar. Looks like he's having a wonderful time, and I love his new collar.

Madison and Andros said...

Looks like he is living a FANTASTIC life as a pet!

Elizabeth and Alana said...

It really looks like Spanky loves being a pet!

I can't BELIEVE you haven't gotten puppy news yet. Fingers crossed for something soon!

Emily, Suede, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Sounds like Spanky is loving his life as a pet!! He is so cute :)

Emily and Douglas said...

Oh, he is so cute and sweet! And apparently a very fast learner... I m impressed!

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Oooo...tricks! How fun, it looks like Spanky is really settling into pet dog life. I hope you get news about your pup soon, did you request anything special?

Natalie said...

Ahhh he's so cute and HAPPY!! I love him! haha

Princess Coral said...

I wish that you can keep Spanky. Sounds like you two are a cool team!