Monday, July 13, 2009

Here we are at Camp Bloomfield . . .

Hey guys. . . so, it's been a while! I have been trying to post but, alas, the internet is too slow, so you are lucky I have the patience to post this now because it took an hour to upload pictures. :D Well, I am going to try over the next few days (we are on break now after our third session of the summer) to update about our last six weeks. So, on Sunday June 7th me and Fullerton flew to California. Fullerton started getting nervous when I was packing up everything in the room and so he carried his dental dino all over the house and would not let it out of his sight.

We did some last minute packing and then my dad took us to the airport. (Fuller was upset about not getting breakfast too, and boy did he let me know it) Anyway, we said goodbye to my parents and then went into the airport. I went to the desk because I printed my ticket online but didn't see Fuller on it (I called a month in advance to add him so I wanted to check and make sure.) The lady at the counter assured me that Fuller had been added to the reservation so we went on our way through security, bum bum bum (ominous music plays) Security was a JOKE, an absolute pain in the fanny!! We waited in line and I got myself all ready, took off my shoes and belt and packed everything from my pockets into my backpack to make it easier. Then when it was my turn I told Fuller to sit and stay and started to go through the metal detector and the TSA guy stopped me and told me I had to take Fuller through with me. I asked if I could go through and then call him because I would not beep but he definitely would so then they just had to pat him down. The guy refused and then told me I had to take all the equipment off of Fullerton and I refused to do that. After a 20 minute argument about why I would not take off Fullertons equipment I asked for a manager. The manager came over and told me I had to go through the metal detector with Fuller. . . grumble grumble, so I did and we beeped. Then they stuck me and Fuller in this glass prison thing until they could get a Female attendant to come help me. . . tick, tock, tick, tock. . . I was so happy I got to the airport super early like my leader suggested. Anyway, the lady finally came over and took me and my stuff to another glass box and they patted down Fullerton first, checked in the leash luggage attached to the leash, his tag bag on his collar and under his jacket and patted all over his body. He did really well during all that and didn't hardly move at all. So, then it was my turn, they checked all my pockets and riffled through my bait bag and asked what was in it. . . umm. . . kibble? Then I got a thorough pat down, felt violated and then they finally let me go. Jeepers, I hope I don't have to go through that again in August going home. It was just annoying! Anyway, then we headed to our gate, but not before we stopped at Starbucks, after security I needed Starbucks. :D Chugged it down while getting lost on the way to my terminal, finally found it and took a seat until it was time to board.
Here is Fuller waiting for our plane. I gave him a sterile bone to chew on, and I read a book. When it was time to board we went through a maze of corridors and then had to board outside and go up really steep steps. (Fuller did great through all of this BTW, he was wonderful and I was very proud of his behavior.) Anywho, we got on the plane and it was TINY! I was expecting a big plane, we got a speck. And almost everyone else had boarded already so I thumped a bunch of people going down the isle and tried to keep Fuller in his own business. Then I found my seat, had to make a lady move to get to our window seat tucked Fuller in (At this point I am really happy he is so small and travel size, he fit great under the seat.) The flight went really well, it was about two hours long and Fuller jumped up when we took off and landed but other than that was perfect. I gave him a couple kibbles to, to help pop his ears. Our only issue was the screaming lady next to us. She obviously doesn't fly a lot because she would scream and grab my arm every time there was a touch of turbulence. It got obnoxious, but I started chatting with her a bit and that seemed to calm her down.
Fullerton in the plane.
When we landed I was so happy to get off that tiny plane, we then had to go down the steep steps again and Fuller was perfect and then navigate the airport. I didn't go straight to the baggage claim I ran outside and found the first place I could potty the boy and he was very happy to go after about six hours. We went back inside grabbed my bags and waiting outside for my Uncle to pick me up.
We spent a few days at my Uncles house, played Wii for the first time and it was FUN!! I suck and my 9 year old cousin kicked my butt, it was fun to play anyway. :D We also went and saw the movie UP and it was way cute. After that my friend from camp last summer came and picked me up with her boys Godfrey and Al. Al is her current PIT and Godfrey is one of her CC'd pups, he came to camp last summer and he and Spanky were best friends! It was fun to see them, Godfrey was actually excited to see me, I didn't think he would remember me at all.
Here is Godfrey, Fuller, and Al (Al is two weeks older than Fuller. . . look at that size difference)
During my few day stay with my friend we went to Olive Garden with our boys (Al and Fuller) were under the table together and did great cuddling together. They also had fun running around the backyard together. Fuller may be small but he can certainly hold his own, he is feisty when he plays.
On Thursday June 11th my other friend from camp picked me up and we drove down to Malibu together. We had a lot of stuff but Fuller didn't mind scrunching on top of the bags.
After a seven hour drive we arrived at camp. Woot woot. I am very happy to be back and Fuller has been doing great. He is sometimes a bit energetic and loopy but the campers have really enjoyed him. I think Fuller likes being here too, he enjoys walks around camp and there are six horses here that he loves saying "Hi" to almost every day since my area (the Rock Wall) is right next to the horses.
Here is my bunk while I was unpacking, so don't mind the mess. :D
Well, that is the first week and I don't have the energy to do any more tonight so look for the next post tomorrow sometime. :D It's nice to be on the blog again, I am working on catching up with everyone else's blogs as well. So have a good night!


Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Airplane security sounds terrible! :( Fuller looks like he's doing very well. I hope you're having a blast at camp.

Lisa and Ellie said...

YAY - thanks for taking the time to update! So sorry TSA was such a pain for you. I thought my experience was a pain, but no - yours takes the cake! YAY for Fuller being such a trooper! Lots of great experiences. WOW - that is a big size difference for 2 weeks!

Ellie's mom said...

Great post! Horrible about the airport though:( I am thinking of taking Ellie on a plane when she is way older, I wonder how many people and dogs this happens to! I wonder if they would tell you to take of all the equipment if Fuller were really your Guide Dog?! I hope not!

Taelor and Pilaf said...

I love hearing about camp Bloomfield! As soon as I am old enough, I would absolutely adore being a counselor. =D

Would you mind telling us a little about the dail activities of the campers? I have to admit, I am very curious.

Emily and the Labradors said...

I agree, that airport deal was ridiculous! We had a raiser in our club have a similar issue... no fun, but it all worked out in the end for both of you I guess!

I hope you are continuing to have a blast at camp!