Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The break after Adult Camp I went to Hollywood for the first time. It was so fun to see all the little shops and the stars on the sidewalk. There was a line a mile long to see Michael Jackson's star it was ridiculous so we just avoided that area. We all had a good time and we had dinner at this fantastic Thai place, it was so good. Anyway, here are pictures from our day out.
Fullerton and Lassies star

The Hollywood sign

Some stuff that was used in the Harry Potter #6 movie.
Fullerton takes a break
Me and Fullerton by Bernadette Peters star, I fricken' love her! I am mad Fuller made a funny face though.
We found this star and it made us all smile. . . we miss the Burg.
I LOVE Johnny Depp I was so excited when I saw his star
A lady dressed as wonder woman, she was staring at my dog and I was staring at her. :D
Fuller in the Thai place being such a good boy!
The group, Mule, Nala, Mongoose and me (Elphie) You think Fuller is tired? Silly boy.
That was Hollywood. I am very proud of how good Fuller was, we only had one incident with a little Asian lady who didn't want Fuller in her shop, she kept holding her nose and waving us out so we left. That annoyed me but, oh well. Still an enjoyable trip!