Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family Camp #1

Family Camp went well, it was a little stressful in my area (the Rock Wall/Ropes Course) because the parents don't like to listen and think they can do whatever they want. But, it was still a fun session. We were really busy at the wall all session, we had a lot of people come each rotation. But, it's good to keep busy. I didn't take any pictures of the session so here are some I took of our break after the session.

Burgess in the back of the car. Fullerton and Burgess passed out at In-N-Out after a long day of shopping.Burgess and Fullerton playing in the Staff Lounge.

Fullerton fell asleep on his pal Penguin.


Anna, Avani, and April said...

Fun stuff! :) You can really see Burgess' eyes in that pic and they look identical to Avani's!! Crazy!