Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Adult Camp

Adult camp was fun. Some of my campers from last summer came back and it was great to re-connect with them. During Adult Camp we had an night out in Santa Monica and it was. . . interesting. A lot of heads turn when you walk down the street with a pack of 45 blind/VI campers. :D Definitely a night I won't forget! :D Fullerton was great in Santa Monica we did A LOT of walking and he was really a trooper. The last day of Adult Camp I took Fullerton to my area and he stepped on a stick and hurt his foot. The poor boy wouldn't leave it alone so he got a silly e-collar. He was not pleased about that but his foot healed up really nicely.

Here he is with his foot wrapped up after I cleaned it really good, unfortunately at camp it is HARD to keep his foot clean.
When I went out to get him an e-collar I found this really cool Nylabone and just HAD to get it. I have never seen one like it before and Fullerton really loves it. We have been joking that it is tactile for the blind dogs. lol . . .
Fullerton and his new bone, I think it made his feel a little better about wearing his satellite dish.


Anna, Avani, and April said...

Oh ya! I saw that bone at PetCo awhile back. It looks fun - I wonder since the dino is so popular among pups, if this one will compare and also be a popular one :)