Wednesday, July 29, 2009

B.I.T Camp (Buddy in Training)

We had our first session and it was Buddy in Training Camp, it was a fun session, although probably the most challenging of the summer. We have sighted kids who come to camp who we call Buddies, they are supposed to help with the blind/VI kids who come to camp too. B.I.T was a camp for all those sighted kids to come and learn about blindness and do all the activities and meals blindfolded so they know what their fellow campers go through. I think everyone had a great time! Here is a typical day at Camp Bloomfield. :D

7:00am: Wake up Call
7:45am: Breakfast Line-up
8:00am: Breakfast
9:15am: Rotation 1 (Activities include Rock Wall, Horses, Archery, Martial Arts, Pool, Arts and Crafts, Campfire and Guide Dogs)
10:30am: Rotation 2
11:45am: Lunch Line-up
12:00pm: Lunch
1pm-2pm: Rest Hour (all kids with shoes off in the bunks, best hour of the day!!)
2:15pm: Rotation 3
3:30pm: Snack Time!!
4:00pm Rotation 4 (Usually ILS, Independent Living Skills, where we help the blind kids with at home skills, like during elementary camp a few campers learned to make their beds or tie their shoes, its really cool)
5:15pm: Dinner Line-up
5:30pm: Dinner
6:30-7:15pm-ish: Twilight (just little activities and getting ready for campfire
7:30pm: Campfire (doing skits and songs, its really fun)
10:00pm: Camper Curfew and Lights out
11:30pm: Staff Curfew

Of course we do other things too like some days we have Picnic Games/Carnival, and we have Beach Day where we take the whole camp to the beach for some fun.

We are not allowed to take pictures of the campers so I don't have a lot of pictures during the sessions but here are a few I can share with you. :D

Fullerton gets blind experience. . . now he knows what his blind partner goes through every day. ;D

Fullerton takes a break under my bunk.
On break I went with Arwen and Ivy to get Art Supplies and while we were out I asked Fuller to Kennel into the trunk, I didn't think he actually would! It was pretty funny I had to get a pictures. . . no worried though, I didn't close the trunk and I had him get out the second after I took the picture. On a treadmill at Costco (it wasn't on)Fullerton and his pal Big Foot (a counselor)

That was pretty much it from this camp. If you have any questions about CB feel free to ask in a comment and I will try to answer them. :D


Mitch and Meade said...

Haha!!! I know what you mean about rest hour being the best hour of the day!!! I was a counselor at a Christian Camp in Idaho a couple weeks ago!!!!!