Thursday, November 15, 2007

Silly puppy

I went to the store earlier today and when I got out I put Shermans jacket on and started walking thought the parking lot. Halfway through the parking lot Sherman stopped dead in his tracks. I looked back at him and told him "lets go." He started walking again but was walking sideways and grapevineing (is that a word) behind me. It was pretty funny looking. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him so I stopped for a minute and then tried "lets go" again, still walking sideways. So I checked his paws to see if something was hurting them. In the process of checking out his feet I realized that he had slipped a leg out of his jacket so the chest strap was under his left leg and went around his right. My silly pup is a little Houdini I still can't figure out how he slipped a leg out. I was laughing pretty hard, what a goofy pup!


Runza said...

That's funny! That would take a little Houdini to slip out of! I got my gripper leash in the mail today! LOVE IT! Thanks for the info about who to email to get it!

Brittany said...

Ha ha! Funny Sherman! What is this about a gripper leash? Sounds interesting. Is there a website or a picture where I can see one?