Thursday, November 8, 2007

101 things about me. . . **UPDATED**

So Since I am very bored, and I don't write about me very often I decided to make a post with 101 things about me. :) Enjoy!!!

So, I thought of a few more:
*When I drive over train tracks I take my feet off the pedals so that I don't slow or accelerate.

*One time a tie on my pants was sticking out my car door and hitting the side of my car and me and my sisters were convinced there was a hobo in the trunk.

*When I drive through a yellow light I kiss my hand and hit the roof of my car, even if I am not driving and have done it for years and don't notice until a someone points it out to me.

*I got my hair caught on a hanger at a department store once and my mom was so embarrassed she abandoned me.

*When I am driving I yell at people who don't use their blinkers and get extremely frustrated with people who drive slower than the speed limit.

*I love roller blading.

*I love fishing but hate to eat them and feel bad when they die because they swallow the hook before I can release them.

*I don't like to touch raw meat so I never cook it, I have become kind of a vegetarian unless someone else makes the meat, then I will eat it.

*I love jell-o.

*I love Veggie Tales!!!

*I feel naked without my cell phone.

*I carried mace in my pocket, per my mothers instruction, when I went to New York and actually pulled it out once when I got lost in an ally in times square and there was a group of guys huddled by some crates.

*I have a reoccurring nightmare that I have had since I was 6 and the last time I had it was three weeks ago.

*I don't like ice cream!

*I can fall asleep anywhere, in any position, and I sleep like a rock.

1. I have four sisters and one brother (who could count for a few). And we all get along really well, and are so different that it keeps things interesting.

2. I was born July 24th. Which is Pioneer day in Utah (the day Pioneers settled in Utah) There are fireworks and everything and until I turned 11 I thought that fireworks were to celebrate my birthday and it was because we were in Oregon that year and there were no fireworks. I was very sad and cried because nobody in Oregon knew it was my birthday.

3. I love music and singing. Even though I don’t have that great of a singing voice.

4. At one time or another I have played piano, banjo, clarinet, bass clarinet, penny whistle, flute, and the jaw harp.

5. I spent three weeks in New York the summer after I graduated from High School and saw nine Broadway plays including Wicked (BEST SHOW EVER), and Gypsy (with my hero Bernadette Peters on her closing night so she gave a speech afterward). I want to go back to New York so bad!!

6. I eat my food in circles. Well, anything that you eat with your hands so the outside gets eaten first and my last bite is from the very center.

7. I count stairs as I go up or down them.

8. I LOVE cooking for other people. However, when I am by myself I just use the microwave. :)

9. I’m shy unless I know you.

10. I have an irrational fear of spiders, and scorpions. I guess I really just hate all creepy crawlies. I am getting chills just thinking of them. Although I did save worms when I was in elementary school, I would pick them off the blacktop and put them in the grass on rainy days. (GROSS, I can’t believe I touched worms!!!!!!!)

11. I have changed my major at least 15 times since I started college. One of those majors was aviation science in which I passed the entrance exam (still have no idea how I did that) and got to fly a plane with an instructor and that is when I realized that I have a fear of heights. :)

12. I raise guide dog puppies for the blind.

13. I have a need to help people, and feel bad when I do things for myself.

14. My favorite food is mashed potatoes and gravy. (I could live off of it)

15. I have a friend that I have known since I was 2.

16. One of my favorite people in the world is my High School Drama teacher and I was terrified of her when we first met. I still have lunch with her every once in a while.

17. I have never had braces, although I did chip a tooth in 2nd grade when I fell off the monkey bars and hit a pole.

18. I broke my thumb in ninth grade while skiing with my dad, but didn't get x-rays for another two weeks even though I was in excruciating pain and couldn't use my hand. I haven’t been skiing since.

19. I got a presidential student service award when I was 17 for raising guide dogs pups.

20. My grandpa was my dentist until he passed away and now my uncle (g-pa’s son) is my dentist.

21. I was a drama freak in High School and was cast as Snoopy in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown because my drama teacher thought that I could get inspiration from Prudy who I was raising at the time. I also played Clairee in Steel Magnolias which was one of my favorite roles.

22. I dance like a seizing hippopotamus.

23. I love scrap booking.

24. My favorite animal is the wolf followed closely by dogs.

25. I love Disney movies and my absolute favorite is Beauty and the Beast.

26. My dad was my principal in Jr. High. (It had it's pros and cons.)

27. My entire family (mom, dad, older sister, bro-in-law) are all in education so I am trying my hardest to break the cycle but haven’t found anything that I like as much. (Even most of my little sibs want to be teachers)

28. I once skipped school with a group of cheerleaders because I wanted to be “cool.” I only missed first period.

29. I hate cliff jumping. I tried it once and I did not like it at all. I’d rather just stay on planet earth.

30. I broke my ankle on a slip-n-slide and haven’t been on one since.

31. I love winter and snow!

32. If I were stranded on a desert island, I’d bring a dog.

33. I love the smell of a rainy day.

34. My favorites TV shows are: The Office, Lost, Friends, and Alias. (and I quote each of them at least once a day, and own each of the seasons that are on DVD)

35. I HATE chocolate. I absolutely can’t stand the stuff.

36. I have my camera with me all the time. I don’t go anywhere without it.

37. I was in a pageant when I was sixteen.

38. I saved my sister from drowning when I was 10 and decided I wanted to be a lifeguard when I was older. Which I did for three years until I had a save with a head wound that freaked me out and I didn't want to lifeguard anymore.

39. I went to every dance in High School after I turned 16.

40. I placed first with a scene I performed at Shakespeare festival in High School. (and it was in French and I don’t know what I was saying during half the scene.)

41. I am a night owl and can’t ever fall asleep before at least 3am.

42. I cut my finger off with scissors when I was 8 and after the doctor sewed it back on he said that I would never be able to move it again but it works perfectly. Four years later, I ripped the same finger open on a rosebush and had to get it stitched up again. (My finger looks like Frankenstein’s)

43. I love hiking.

44. I love white water rafting.

45. I HATE leaving messages on peoples answering machines.

46. I HATE talking on the phone. I would rather e-mail or talk face to face.

47. I am allergic to dogs.

48. I love being with my family.

49. When I was little I was attacked by a German Shepherd and people are surprised that I am
not afraid of dogs because of that.

50. I love playing sports but hate watching them.

51. I HATE shopping.

52. I love roller coasters.

53. I love getting together with old friends.

54. I’m horrible at sticking to a budget, but I still try every month.

55. I bite my nails, and have tried to stop countless times.

56. I really wish I had more time to read.

57. I love taking Sherman on walks every day.

58. I can only eat tomatoes on Sandwiches, or in salads.

59. My mom is allergic to pork. We never had it growing up so now I really don’t like it.

60. I am addicted to Nacho Cheese Doritos

61. I have an aunt that adopted a bunch of Vietnamese kids and another aunt adopted two
little black boys. (they are adorable!!!)

62. I am almost done reading the Harry Potter books for the first time.

63. My favorite Disney Villain is Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

64. My first dog ever was a poodle, cocker spaniel, golden retriever mix named Molly.

65. I have been in an airplane twice and once was to New York and back and the other I was flying it.

66. I carry poop bags in my wallet, back-pack, pockets, car, and text books just in case.

67. I want to own a Mini-Chihuahua and a Great Dane at the same time.

68. I have arthritis in my hands and elbows and I am only 22.

69. I also have grey hair which I have given up plucking because there is too much now. (I have a patch for each dog.) :)

70. I am so paranoid that my car is going to get stolen that I lock it even if I have to run into my house for ½ a second to grab something.

71. I was in a car accident when I was 17 and it was so bad the paramedic told me I should have died.

72. I am totally turned off by gamers.

73. I went into the Bastian Mansion once. (The Bastian’s are extremely rich people in Utah County) It was huge!! And Amazing and I can’t believe they let me in there with Adeline. (My aunt used to guard the house because the guy is very private but I happened to meet a friend of his sons and he invited me over. I didn't know he was a Bastian until we drove up to the house, I was in SHOCK!)

74. I would rather freeze to death than burn.

75. I have a Beta fish (Sir Rio Grande) that has been alive for three years!!

76. I scare REALLY easily!

77. Rabbits are the only animals that I am afraid of. (The black vacant eyes creep me out)

78. When I was little I would play Power Rangers and I was always the pink ranger.

79. I love when Sherman wags his tail in his sleep and it makes a soft thumping sound.

80. I hate confrontation.

81. I am a major pack-rat and have trouble throwing things away.

82. Every once in a while I will burst out with laughter for no reason at all.

83. I always have a running commentary going on in my head so I space off a lot.

84. I burst out in song randomly. (My whole family does, I think it is in our genetics) We all have trigger words that will start a certain song. (I try hard to turn it off when I am in public)

85. I LOVE Broadway and have seen Wicked three times (once in New York with the original cast and twice in San Fran with a touring group, and I would see it again in a heartbeat)

86. I got stitches in my head when I was six because I was hitting my head against a wall because it was making my brother laugh and a picture fell off the wall and the nail went in my head and gave me a big gash. I still have a scar and no hair grows around it. Luckily I have thick hair so it is barely noticeable unless you know its there.

87. I would love to go to Germany, Australia, and Hawaii at some point in my life.

88. I name inanimate objects like my car (Lola), my computer (Vladd), my VCR/DVD player (Diablo) the list could go on forever. And when I talk about these items I refer to them by their name. “Ya, Lola is doing great!” :)

89. I have naturally curly hair which I hate and spend hours straightening.

90. My favorite color is green.

91. I like the smell of puppy breath and Frito feet.

92. I have not grown an inch since 7th grade when I was really tall at 5’ 2” but when I got into High School everyone was taller than me. I don’t mind being vertically challenged. :)

93. In my life I have had pet cats, rats, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, chickens (and
roosters), a turkey, ducks, a cow, hamsters, frogs, fish, and a crab.

94. It takes me a long time to trust people.

95. My sister got in a car accident that caused a woman to go into labor.

96. I love camping, but don’t get to go very often.

97. I am a foot-a-phobic. I can’t stand feet being anywhere near me, they really gross me out.

98. I can’t ever say linoleum on the first try. It usually comes out lilolium.

99. I wear pants all the time, I hate shorts, and skirts, but wear the occasional Capri.

100. I never wear high heels, I fall off of them if I do. Sprained my ankle pretty good once, so I don't wear them anymore.

101. I am blessed.


Anna & Lynn said...

#9 is totally me :)

Elizabeth and Holly, GDB Pup said...

Haha! Those were funny. Thanks for sharing : )

Emily, Ellis, and Angel said...

Glad to know I'm not the only puppy raiser who is allergic to dogs ;) It was actually scary how many of those could be on my list (except for all the traumatic and bloody ones... I have fewer of those)

Natalie said...

Oh my god....I spent most of that list going "ummmm why is she describing ME?!"

Awesome list....and don't worry I'm two inches shorter than you haha

ashley said...

I did this a while ago. It is very liberating! I laughed at the "seizing hipo" analogy. Haha!

Hobbes Dogs said...

It was very neat to learn more about you. We definately have a few things in common - #14 for one. Yay Potatoes!

Brittany said...

Wow! That is quite the list! How long did it take you to come up with all of those?

Megan & Sherman said...

Only a couple hours. I wrote them into a word document and then copied it here. Then I left and went to my parents house and thought of more so I wrote those too. It was fun!

Runza said...

WOW - I'm so impressed. That's awesome. And hilarious. I don't know if I could think of that many things about me without trying really really hard. WAY to go. I loved it!

lindsey said...

Funny how many dog lovers are allergic to dogs :) I always tell people that I'm allergic to dogs, but I take pills for that! :)

Emily and Suede said...

Haha, those are funny :) Thanks for sharing!