Friday, October 5, 2007

100th Post!!!

Hey! This is my 100th Post. How cool! Anyway,
Yesterday for our puppy meeting we met at Cabela's (for those who don't know it is a HUGE outdoor store, hunting, fishing, camping, you name it) They have this Big Game area where there are a bunch of stuffed animals, another huge aquarium of fish (you walk through it like a tunnel) and other fun stuff. I got there a bit early so walked around by myself to kill time. So I took some pics of Sherm by some of the animals. At the meeting we had a few new raisers (one is getting thier pup next month. YAY!) and so most of the meeting we let them handle the dogs. Two of our older dogs are getting recalled next month (and that will make Montgomery, Sherman, Rondelle and Ontario the oldest pups in the group, and that is kinda weird) and then we are getting four new pups. So, that is exiting!

This is Sherman and the big Grizzly Bear (there is a ledge that Sherm is sitting on, he tends to back into things before he sits :)

Sherman and some Mule Deer.

The big Moose!

Sherman really didn't care about any of the animals and ignored them all except for this warthog. It definetly caught his attention, it was pretty funny watching him trying to get its attention throught the glass. But Mr. Warthog didn't want to play.


Brittany said...

Haha! Calliope about pee'd her pants when she saw that warthog!! Congrats on the 100th post. I can't wait to hear about all the puppies coming to the club up there! Is lindsey getting on of O'connor's puppies then or will it be later?

Lisa in waiting... said...

HA HA - Sherman sitting on the ledge made me laugh so hard I started to cry. That is hilarious. He must have such a silly personality. He just is a riot! I love it!!!

Emily and Suede said...

O wow! How cute! Sounds like he was a very good boy. We are soon going to get a Cabela's in Reno, so I will have to make sure to go there to look at all the animals!