Sunday, October 28, 2007

Potato chips

Today at work I was counting down tills and had Sherman tied down to my desk. My co-worker came in and sat in a chair behind me and I let Sherman say hello to him. I wasn't really paying attention because I wanted to get the tills counted fast and go home. After a few minutes I heard the crunching of my puppy eating something he shouldn't. I spun around in my chair, opened Sherman's mouth and pulled out a potato chip. I looked at my co-worker and he was holding a bag of potato chips. I was a little more than upset. I have practiced food avoidance with Sherman and he always does so well, then the one time it isn't a set up he goes for it. I was also mad at my co-worker. I felt bad because I have been really stressed about things this week and sort of took it out on him. I don't remember everything that I said but some of the things I said were, "Why would you feed someone elses dog?!? What if in the future he is guiding someone and is offered food and now he thinks it is okay to take it and gets distracted by the food and gets himself and his blind person hurt?!?!?!?!
So I may not have handled that the best, and over-reacted to the situation, but WHAT THE HECK! Seriously, why would you feed someone elses dog!? I just don't get that. GRRRRR!! I am frustrated! I guess I am going to have to do more food avoidance exercises with Sherman. Apparently he needs it.


Emily, Ellis, and Angel said...

How infuriating!! People just don't think sometimes. Food aversion isn't something that I've ever really worked on... should probably be looking into that!


Yeah, I can underatand. Only with cobra and I it was a crazy mother telling her 4 wild and crazy kids to go and pet the dog. they did not ask me and I was in the middle of teaching him to avoid this food on the store floor. They came bounding over, scared Cobra to death, and made me really mad. I also said some things to the kids (the youngest one was about 10 so they were plenty old enought to understand) and the mother and they stormed out (was secretly happy)
I totally understand where you are coming from.

Brittany said...

My guess is that he did refuse the food at first and then she "talked" him into taking it. It is frustraiting that people don't think about what they are doing. But I guess what may be obvious to us isn't to everyone else. Stupid people!!