Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our Friday and more

Me and Sherman had an interesting day on Friday. My mom called me at 11:30 to tell me that at 12:30 she wanted me to come and talk about guide dogs to her 1st grade class and then rotate to the other two first grade classes. She told the other teachers that she was going to read her class the book Rugby and Rosie and then have me come and talk about puppy raising. The other teachers thought that was a good idea and asked if I could talk to their classes too. So, with an hours notice I had to prepare to talk to three first grade classes. It went really well and I was just amazed at how smart these six and seven year old were. They asked really good questions. One of the classes a little girl raised her hand and I called on her and she asked, "does your dog have a nickname?" I said that I sometimes call him the Sherminator or squirmin' Sherman and the whole class burst out with laughter. What goofy kids. Then in another class a little girl raised her hand and asked, "what do blind people look like?" I have NEVER been asked that before so it caught me off guard. I answered, "well they look like everyone else, they just can't use their eyes so they use canes or dogs for transportation so they can travel safely." Like I said smart kids. :) I was very happy with how it went and I think the kids learned a lot. Later that day I was walking Sherman around the neighborhood and I got stopped by a photographer from The Daily Harold. (a newspaper in Utah) She was telling me how every Monday there is an article that gets written by a photographer and that she would love to interview me and hang out for a few hours with me to take a few pictures. So I gave her my contact info and she said that she would call me in the next few weeks to set up a time. That is exciting, but I am also nervous. I have never been in the newspaper before (except my name and picture because I spoke at my high school graduation) Actually I dunno if that is something that I have to run by my leader or not, huh? I will let you know how that goes. :)

Yesterday it snowed and I got some really cute pictures of Sherman but Blogger is being obstinate and not letting me load them so I will try again later. :) I remember the first time it snowed last year was on Adeline's b-day October 25th so that was significant and this year it was on Sherman's 9 month b-day, also significant. I don't know why but 9 months seems like a milestone. Sort of a so close but yet so far in regards to recall. I am now realizing how attached I am to this dog and how attached he is to me. I left him with my sis the other day for about five minutes while I ran out to my car to get something and when I came back he went berserk! I think some puppy trading is in order. I haven't left him with anyone since the beginning of summer.

Oh, and Sherman had his first meltdown today. I was at my gg's house (my grandma) and she lit her kitchen on fire, there was smoke all over the house and the fire alarms went off. Sherman freaked out and after we got the kitchen put out I went over to check on him. (I had him on tie down next to the couch) He was spinning circles with his tail tucked between his legs. You could see the whites of his eyes. He looked terrified. I felt so bad for him. I walked over and as soon as I was close enough he dove between my legs and went stiff. I couldn't get him to move to save my life. I finally sat on the floor and told him he was okay and he crawled on top of me (literally standing on my shoulders) I made him get off of me and then went into the kitchen and got some ice cubes. (there is nothing a few ice cubes won't cure) and he went totally back to normal. Silly puppy. Anyway, I better go, I have lots of homework to do. :)

Have a good night everyone!


Brittany said...

Poor Sherman!! I don't think any of my puppies have experienced fire alarms!

Good luck on your interview/photo shoot, I am sure you will do great.

lindsey said...

Hehe...Megan, go ahead and do the interview if she calls you! Just make sure you let me know when it's in the paper so we can send it to GDB. Also, feel free to give them my info if they want to do a story about our club or something :) We would love for them to come to a puppy meeting!

Megan & Sherman said...

Thats what I thought. I will tell her about the group. :)

thepuppyraiser said...

We just did an elementary school presentation last week. Little kids ask the funniest questions!

Good luck with the interview, and be sure to post us a link to it if possible :)