Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Note from Tahoma

I don't hear from them very often and it's been over a year since my last update so I was ecstatic to open my e-mail and see this message from Tahoma's partners wife. Sounds like she is still up to her old tricks, she is such a smart puppy. I can't believe she is over 6 years old now! Anyway, here is a little part of the e-mail about Tahoma:

Homie is on the plane to Jerusalem (again!!!I I think this is like her 7th or 8th trip). She always hates it when she is deprived of her breakfast :-( and we feel terrible. Also, she has grown so used to getting a seat on the plane that when she doesn't get one, she is sad. Today's plane was crowded, so [Tahoma's Partner] gave her a pillow which she tucked under her head on the floor and it made her very happy! She continues to be such a joy in our lives! Words cannot express! [Tahoma's partner] is so much more independent and popular!!! (Even though he was pretty independent and pretty popular before!) And everyone in town knows and loves Tahoma. Even people who say they never before liked dogs are head over heals with Homie. And she is sooo smart...still finding ways to outsmart and "train" us. The latest is she noticed that we'd give her a treat if she came from behind, so she started tailing us on our walks so she could come from behind all the time! Plus, as I'm sure you now, she is a great snuggler (when she's not pushing us off of our pillows!). And she's still so beautiful. She has stayed in shape (over the years she has helped us to devise many methods of how to keep all the food out of reach) and is a sleek vision of black lab with just a touch of grey on the chin (and those little white spots on the belly) and that cute little kink in the tail. I miss her already! But there are a bunch of Israeli kids who wait for her to come twice a year in [Tahoma's Partner's] daughter's compound and they speak hebrew to her and she seems to understand just fine...she has fans wherever she goes.

I always enjoy hearing about my dogs. I am so proud of Tahoma, what an amazing life she has. :D

P.S. I know I am way behind on posts and I have a couple to post so stay tuned. I haven't forgotten all y'all.


ajs said...

It is always wonderful to hear from Tahoma's owner-after all, it is through his officiating at my cousin's wedding that I got to know you and all the other pups!

Best, Ariel

Sarah and Vance said...

That's a great feeling when you get to hear from your pet's partner! So glad they are doing well and it seems like he is matched very well :)