Friday, June 25, 2010

11 Things at 11 Months

Today is Picassa's 11 month day!! So here are 11 Things about Picassa.

1. Picassa's confidence is getting SO much better. She used to have meltdowns on a daily basis when something would scare her (i.e. The A/C, sizzling food, the dishwasher, fans, Wal-mart, and pretty much anything that makes noise (except the vacuum and my hair dryer. Weird, I don't know why those weren't scary to her when so many other random things were) It's been a little over 2 weeks since her last meltdown. At her eval last week my CFR explained that her first raiser was a retired lady and their outings were to fabric stores and other quiet places like that so it makes sense, but I am so relieved I can take her out without worrying too much about her. :D

2. She is so much better at settling down too. She would get uber stressed out when I would walk away and do this leapy thing to get attention, it was cute the first time but then got really annoying because it was constant. She still does it but not nearly as much as she did. She is much better on outings too, when we stop she doesn't constantly pace she is able to lay down and wait until I start moving again. I took her to her first movie (Prince of Persia, very good movie), I was nervous because it's an action flick and I knew there would be a lot of noise but she was perfect and barely moved. She doesn't go to sleep when we stay in one place for a long time so she just watched the movie. It was kinda cute.

3. Picassa loves to tease her big sister Paris. Whenever she has a toy she rubs it in Paris' face because she knows Paris will try to take it and then she will spin in tight circles so Paris will chase her but can't actually get the toy away from her. It's kinda funny to watch. The look on her face while she is trying to entice Paris is pretty awesome!

4. Picassa goes absolutely batty over food. She spins in circles and jumps straight up in the air and does these flip things. It's crazy, I am trying to get her to be calmer but the progress on that is slow.

5. Picassa is earning more freedom. Today I left her loose in my bathroom (after putting the garbage can up on the counter, (one of her weaknesses) and taking the TP off the dispenser (another weakness) I've come into my room to find she has unravelled half the roll all over my room.) I was gone for about 4 hours and she was perfect, I still had a bathroom when I got home! I was extremely proud of her!!

6. Picassa loves me. She is finally starting to give me eye contact when I talk to her and she checks in when we go for walks, she will even come over when I sit on the floor and sit next to me and give me kisses. She really is such a sweet dog!

7. I am starting to think she actually has brains. When I first picked her up I thought she was the dumbest dog ever, but her intelligence is coming through now as I have watched her problem solve in a few different situations and pick the correct way to do something.

8. I love how she lays down. She will lift her left paw and then slide into her down on her right foot and tuck her left paw under herself.

9. Her puppy push-ups are fantastic. I love how fast she does them, it makes me giggle.

10. I love watching her pick out the toy she will chew on. She makes a pile of three or four toys and then picks them up and tosses them around before choosing the one she will chew on, then she settles down and chews her perfect bone for a while.

11. I love her tiny ears and her stubby, fat tail.

I should have Picassa until October which is longer than I thought I would have, so I will enjoy the next 4 months with my girl.

Here is a picture of Picassa laying down at the dentists office. I debated whether or not to take her but finally decided just to go for it and she was great. Each time the technicians walked by they petted her and told me how well behaved she was. Whew, thank you for not making me look bad Picassa. :D


Raiser Erin said...

It's weird what dogs will choose to be afraid of isn't it? Picassa sounds like she's a great girl.

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Poor Picassa, being so scared of all those noises before. I'm sure that wasn't fun for either of you. So glad she is becoming more settled. It must be fun to see so much progress in such a short time!

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Such personality! I liked your description of how she lies down...cute! :)

Elijah and Dembre said...

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