Monday, June 14, 2010

Picassa has a big sister

When I decided to adopt Paris I was a little worried about how the girls would react to each other. But they hit if off right away and get along great! They are a little jealous when I give attention to the other and will try to butt in to gets pets and love too. Hopefully they learn that they both will get attention and getting in the middle isn't necessary. They are not used to sharing mom though. :D I've let them play a little bit and Paris gets a little too rambunctious so I usually have to end it pretty fast. She does a few things that she never did before going to GDB like grabbing legs and shaking them. I'm afraid that she is going to snap poor Picassa's leg. Hopefully after a few corrections that will stop. She also gets really vocal while she is playing and she makes very intimidating sounds. (I've never heard her bark or growl before so it's weird.) Other than that they are doing wonderfully!

[Picassa and Paris playing tug with a green and white (well loved) rope toy.]
On Saturday I took Picassa to my bro-in-laws surprise birthday party. While there my nephew Cannon gave me a balloon and said, "This for Costco!" I laughed and said thanks, she loves it. He got a little upset and told me that I had to tie it to her wrist so she wouldn't loose it. I opted for the collar instead and she wore the balloon the rest of the party. I love my nephew he is so stinkin' funny and cute! Here is Picassa outside on the grass with the white balloon tied to her collar. She looks less than thrilled.
The girls on the way home from the party. Yes, I took Paris so my family could see her again and to show off all her new tricks. Unfortunately, she had to stay in the car since she isn't a service dog anymore, she didn't seem to mind though, and I went out about every 30 minutes to check on her. Paris has always settled well and will immediately will plop down and fall asleep instantly. Picassa is another story, she drives me crazy with her constant pacing and her inability to stay still for more than five seconds. It's something we are working on and she has made a little bit of improvement. (it was less than five seconds when she came. :D) Anyway, when we started heading home Paris assumed the position and was asleep before we left the parking lot. Picassa was all over the place and I kept telling her to down which she would and then immediately get back up. During her pacing she kept stepping all over Paris who didn't move a muscle. The last time I told Picassa to down she did so by crawling up onto Paris and using her as a pillow. They stayed this way the rest of the trip. Picassa is such a goober, it's a good thing she's cute. :D

P.S. Picassa has her first eval with me on Thursday. I am sure she will be just fine, but wish us luck anyway. :D Hopefully she doesn't embarrass me too much. And I heard from my leader that she is most likely staying until October so I have plenty of time to work everything out with her. YAY!


Raiser Erin said...

I'm glad that both girls like each other and are learning to share you. :)

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Cute sisters!!