Saturday, June 5, 2010

Puppy Class today

Once or twice a year my puppy club does a meeting at Discovery Academy. It is a school for troubled teens and I always love going there. The students really respond to the puppies and they always enjoy our visits. At the beginning we had a blind man from Salt Lake come down with his guide dog, Mariah, and he spoke to the students about blindness and using a guide dog. It was so fun. After he spoke we let the students pet and play with our puppies. Here are a bunch of pics from the meeting.

Me and my roommate are puppy sitting for Becky (Sarah's school puppy) and she got to reunite with her sister Breeze in our club. Here they are trying to play with each other.
[Breeze enjoying some pets from a student. I love how her eyes are closed.]
[Becky getting some pets while laying down in the grass.]

[Kyle laying in the grass with a student laying next to him.]
[Big handsome man Spike standing next to his raiser while she speaks with the students.]
[Picassa playing tug with a student. She loved playing tug with everyone and the kids loved playing with her too.]
[Picassa playing tug with a student sitting in the grass.]
[Christina plays tug with a student.]
[Sugar sitting nicely while her raiser talks to a group of students.]
[Spike getting pets from a student.]
The dogs were really hot after a while and they school let us use their hose to water our dogs. Meade was a pro! Here he is slurping water from the hose.
[Kyles cute little face.]
[I hosed down Picassa so here she is all wet and feeling much cooler. Poor dog thinks she is a black lab, hot weather is not okay with her.]
[Kyle enjoying pets from a student.]
[Breeze and Becky playing. Breeze is under Becky who looks like she is standing on her head.]
[Becky biting Breezes leg while Breeze gets ready to retaliate. I love how different they are. Breeze is more stalky and Becky is slim and tall. Breeze is also really white while Becky is more carmel colored.]
[Picassa kept biting Meade's tongue while he panted. Yep, my dog is really weird. After I got a picture I made her stop.]
After puppy class me, Gabby, and Karen took the puppies out for lunch. They were all sacked out after such an intense puppy class. Here is Picassa passed out under the table.
[Becky behaved beautifully for such a young pup. Here she is sitting in the restaurant. The waitress loved her!]
Then we went home and everyone got a nap. When we woke up we let Picassa and Becky play a bit. They were really funny and Picassa was so gentle with the puppy.
[Becky grabbed a big bone and ran around with it for a while.]
[Becky took a running leap and smashed into Picassa's side, it was hilarious, she is a spunky little pup and can sure keep up with the big dogs.]
[Becky also enjoyed running under Picassa.]
[Becky running toward the camera with the big bone in her mouth.]
[Becky on her back with Picassa standing over her.]
[Picassa on her back with Becky standing over her.]
It's been a good day! Becky has been a joy and it'll be sad to see her go tomorrow. :D


Lauren and Don said...

That sounds like such a great outing for the dogs! I love how almost everyone in your puppy club has a blog. These photos are awesome- Meade and Spike have both gotten so big! Breeze and Becky are adorable playing together and that photo with Picassa biting Meade's tongue is hilarious!!

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Ahhh!!! Those are great photos :) Glad you are having a good time with little miss becky. I do have to say you are much braver than me taking her on a longer outing: but I am SO glad she was well behaved!!! You guys will have to watch her again!

Raising Reyna said...

That is such a nice thing to do for those kids at the Discovery Academy. Where in Utah is that? I loved seeing the photos of the kids petting the pups. That is just wonderful!