Friday, June 25, 2010

Puppy Truck

The puppy truck came through Utah yesterday and since a new raiser in my club is out of town I was able to go and pick up her puppy. It was very exciting because I haven't actually picked up a puppy off the truck since Sherman (over 3 years ago) even if the puppy wasn't mine it was still fun to be able to go and get him.

[The puppy truck driving past the hotel with the drivers waving.]

Mr. K the puppy I was picking up was first off the truck. His name is Keiko (Key-co) and he is a Black Lab and his parents are Samuel and Nell.

[One of the drivers handing Keiko to me.] Such a cute puppy! Here he is giving me some kisses. And getting his leash attached to his collar. Me and Keiko standing in front of the truck. Since his raiser is out of town I get to keep him until Saturday night. I have really missed having a puppy around, it's been a long time and the beginning is my favorite part. So, it's been fun. (Even though I got absolutely no sleep last night)

Our club also got another puppy yesterday. Here she is coming off the truck. And her name is Julimae! She is so adorable with all her head wrinkles and she sure is a tiny little thing. Mitch will be her raiser for the next year. Mitch holding Julimae.

The new Utah County puppies in front of the truck. Me and Keiko with Mitch and Julimae.
Three other J puppies came off the truck too. Here is Julimae with Mitch and two siblings Jakota and Joe. Joshua also came to Utah but wasn't there for the picture.
One of Keiko's siblings came off the truck too. Her name is Kay and she is pretty adorable. Here is me and Keiko standing next to Kay and her raiser in front of the puppy truck.
Here is Keiko after we got home having his first meal. He is pretty slow and takes his time, it's pretty cute. He is looking up at the camera with water and kibble dribbling out of his mouth.
After I fed him we loaded all the dogs into the car and headed over to Mitch's house to let the pups have a play date. We let the two new ones first to run around and check out the pool. It was pretty funny, I love how uncoordinated young puppies are.
[Keiko and Julimae in the little kiddie pool. Julimae loved it but Keiko wasn't a fan.]
[Keiko and Julimae running around the yard. I love how Keiko's ears and sticking straight up.]
[Julimae standing in the pool looking at the camera.]
[Keiko looking rather unimpressed while standing in the pool.]
Julimae running toward the camera with Keiko following behind.]
The big girls got to come along as well and I was really impressed with how well they did around the puppies and making sure to be careful around them.
[Paris in the pool. She loved it!]
[Picassa in the pool. She didn't like it so much, she liked to just drink it a whole lot better.]
Keiko tried to play with the big dogs and kept up pretty well. I really enjoyed grabbing Paris by her tag bag and playing tug. She seemed okay with it.
Julimae kept up with the big dogs too. Here is Picassa, Paris, and Julimae playing with a bottle.
All the crazy pups in the yard. Picassa, Paris, Boone, Julimae and Keiko. They were all great together.
Here's a reverse Oreo picture. Paris, Keiko and Picassa all laying on my floor next to each other.
Keiko chose the biggest bone I have to chew on, it looked so funny because it's the size of his whole head.
I will be sad to give him to his raiser tomorrow, I have really enjoyed having a baby around. I was also really happy to see how Paris would react to a puppy. She gave me the confidence that she will be a marvelous example and co-raiser. :D Guess that's all for now. Have a good weekend everyone!


GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

What awesome pictures! :) I love the one of Keiko in the pool looking rather unimpressed.

Heather and Ellie said...


So so so cute :)

It must be pretty fun to be a puppy truck driver--you'd be constantly bringing joy to people at every stop! (Plus you get to carry all those baby puppies).

Amanda said...

Man, the new puppies are adorable. I cannot wait to meet them. Thanks for posting the pictures! :)

Sarah and Vance said...

PUPPIES!!! Oh it looks like you had some good times with him though! I think it's nice to puppy sit then give them back cause then you can spoil them and give them back all naughty ;)

Lauren and Don said...

What CUTE puppies! A family in our puppy club is the breeder keeper of Samuel. I can't believe how BIG Keiko is- just like his dad :) It looks like they had a fun time playing together. They are so, so, so adorable!! Now I want a baby pup :)