Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Picassa!

First of all, my puppy club is so cute and at this weeks meeting they threw a surprise party for me and Picassa since my b-day was yesterday and Picassa's is today. We played a few games and there were balloons and at the end we had brownies. The brownies had a paw print on them and said "Happy Birthday Megan and Picassa" I am sure Amanda got some weird looks from the person doing the writing. ;) It was so much fun and me and Picassa really appreciated it.

[Me kneeling next to Picassa holding the sheet of brownies.]
Anyway, today my girl Picassa turned one year old. She is a fabulous dog and I am enjoying every day with her. Today was pretty low key. We went to church and when I got home her and Paris ran around in the backyard while I made her a cake. Here are some pictures from the romp.

[Paris jumping on top of Cos while they are running.]
[Cos on her back (she spends most of backyard time on her back) while Paris runs up to grab a foot (something I am still trying to get her to stop)]
[Picassa taking a break on our sunken trampoline.]

[Picassa taking off the tramp to tackle Paris.]

[Cos and Paris laying next to each other in the grass with big smiles on their faces.]

[My favorite picture of Picassa. She has really grown into her head lately and doesn't look quite as awkward as she did when I first got her. She is laying in the grass looking very happy.]

[Picassa's cake. It's Peanut Butter/Carrot cake with Peanut butter frosting and Vanilla Yogurt for accents. The yogurt makes a loopy border around the cake and it says Picassa in the middle with a #1 under the name.]

Picassa had to wait to eat it through Sunday dinner at grandma's house, but once we got home she got to put on my silly birthday hat (my parents got it for me from Disney land when my 1st puppy turned 3 and my 2nd puppy turned 1. So, all my puppies have had a birthday in the silly hat)

[Picassa laying in front of her cake. She got a little impatient while I was putting her in a "wait" so the last A in her name has a lick mark through it. :D

[Finally got the "okay" and she dug in. I'd say she loved it.]

[Paris couldn't stand watching her anymore and so she jumped in to help Picassa eat her cake.]

[Close up of Paris with Peanut Butter on her chin, she is trying to lick it off with her tongue.]

[Picassa with her tongue out and Peanut Butter on her tongue.]

The girls got to eat about half of the cake and the rest is saved for later. It was hard to take it away because they were still taking desperate bites out of it while I lifted it from the floor.

Then Picassa got her birthday bone and has been chewing on it ever since. [Cos chewing a new nylabone.]

Happy Birthday Picassa!!

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Heather and Ellie said...


What a great cake....she's a lucky girl! My pups only get little cakes, but then, there's never anyone to share it with.

Lauren and Don said...

Happy Birthday Picassa! That is a great cake. I love those pictures of Paris and Picassa eating it- so cute how their mouths are open as wide as they can go. It sounds like she had a fantastic birthday.

Cute hat :)

GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

Happy birthday to you and Picassa! :)