Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Name Game

Okay I am really bored and have been procrastinating writing my English paper (due tomorrow, YIKES) so in my efforts of putting off my paper as long as possible I have decided to play the name game. :D I will start with myself and then do my pups. . . Enjoy!

Name: Megan
Meaning: Little Pearl
Origin: Welsh/Greek
Famous Megan's: Meg Ryan, Megan Mullaly, Meg Griffin, there is also a crater on Venus named Megan
Nicknames: Meggie, Meggie Muffin, Megs, Megera, Mae Mae, Booger (for dressing all in green and even dying my hair green for Halloween in high school, NOT for mining for gold!!), Elphie, Nutty, Noodle, Dog girl. . . (I could go on)

Name: Fullerton (MYL)
Meaning: Bird-Catcher or Place where the cloth is dressed
Origin: Scottish and Northern Irish
Famous Fullertons: Well, there is Fullerton, CA and it is also a type of cockroach hmm. . .
Nicknames: Fully-poo (or Full-of-poo, during his diarrhea phases, which he still has occasionally *sigh*) Fully-wooly, jack-rabbit, punk, Pruderton (whoops, that kinda just comes out sometimes), Fuller-bowler, baby boy.

Name: Spanky (MBL)
Meaning: (couldn't find one, surprise, surprise)
Origin: Scottish
Famous Spankys: Spanky from the Little Rascals, and Spankys Diner and Grill
Nicknames: Spanks, Spankerella, Spanky-Wanky, Spankster, Spud (on his not so bright days, which happened quite often), Sparky (on accident, but it happened a lot)

Name: Sherman (MBL)
Meaning: Person who shears wool
Origin: Old English
Famous Shermans: William Tecumseh Sherman (civil war general), Sherman T Potter (MASH character), and Mr. Peabody & Sherman Cartoon (Sherman was Mr Peabodys pet boy)
Nicknames: Sherm, Shermy, Squirmy Shermy, The Sherminator, Sure, Pretty boy, and Stud

Name: Adeline (FYL)
Meaning: Noble
Origin: German
Famous Adelines: Sweet Adeline (the song)
Nicknames: Addie, Add, Adeliney Whiney, Addie Pants, baby girl, and funny face

Name: Glennie (FYL)
Meaning: Valley
Origin: Scottish
Famous Glennies: Brian Glennie (hockey player),
Nicknames: Snow White, Glenns, Glenn, Scardy cat, and snow

Name: Tahoma (FBL)
Meaning: Snowy Mountain Peak (honestly I didn't think I was going to find anything)
Origin: Navajo
Famous Tahomas: (couldn't find any, hmm. . .)
Nicknames: Homie, Homes, Tahoe, Home, Ta Ta, T-Dawg, Black beauty, and Homa.

Name: Prudy
Meaning: Cautious, Intelligent (wow, thats prudy to a T)
Origin: English
Famous Prudys: (none)
Nicknames: Prude, Prue, Prudy-whoody-fresh-n-fruity (on those gassy nights), Prudelinsky L. Bogtrotter the 3rd, Prudence (when she was in trouble), and Princess

Anyway, I really should get back to my paper now, wish me luck, only 4 pages to go. :D


The Brax Blog said...

Wow neat!
Good luck with your paper:)

Madison and Andros said...

Nice to learn more about his name!