Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lots of Good News Today!!

I got a phone call today from Tahomas partners wife. She was asking me about puppy raising! Sounds like Tahoma's handler has talked her into raising a guide dog puppy and after watching Tahoma in action for the last year she is really excited about it. She was asking me what puppy raising is all about. I talked to her about the roller coaster ride that is puppy raising. :) She was also asking me about access laws because she would have to take the puppy to work with her. I told her what I know and then after we hung up I did a little research to find schools in her area and sent her some links. I really hope that it works out. She and I both agree that Homie will be a terrific mentor dog and will do wonderfully with the puppies, especially after having some of her own. I am just thrilled that she is thinking about it, and really hope that it works out for her. She said she would let me know how it goes.

She also told me about Tahoma and her handlers latest trip to Israel. This time he took 23 or so of his religion students with him. He e-mailed me shortly before they left and was telling me that he was nervous about traveling with all the students and Homie and wasn't sure how they were going to feel about hanging our with a dog for three weeks. She told me that the trip went wonderfully. The students ended up fighting over seats in the bus, airplane, and restaurants in order to sit next to Tahoma. They all adapted well to each other and had a very successful trip. It was funny because I was talking to his wife and I could hear him in the background telling her which stories about Israel to tell me. It made me laugh. Sounds like the only bump in the trip was when they went to a buffet and Tahoma decided that she wanted to dine too. I love what he said thought, "Nothing is perfect!" Ha ha, it is so nice knowing that he is willing to work with her unique personality. They really are a perfect match. Definitely meant to be together and I love hearing from them. He said that a lot of his students took a bunch of pictures of them in Israel and as soon as they send them to him, he is going to forward them to me. I can't wait to see them. It is so cool, she has traveled so much and seems to love the new lifestyle! :) I could not be happier with how things turned out for little Homie!

This is a picture that he sent me. He assures me that she is only allowed on their bed (I am sure she loves that, she has always loved being close to the people she loves) but were at his in-laws house and his mom-in-law said it was okay to be on the sofa. She looks nice and comfy.

The other news is that the recall list for April came out and

Sherman is not on it!!!!

Which means that he will stick with me for a few more months. I am not sure when the next puppy truck is after the April one, but he will most likely leave then. There are two dogs in our group that are leaving on the April truck and after they leave Sherm will be the Papa of the group. (Hopefully he is up for being the example.) *smiles* I am sure he is. This also means that there is no April puppy for me. I will get a new one when Sherm leaves, which is fine. So, lots of good news today.


Kelsey and Spike said...

Ahhh that's soo good about Tahoma and her partner. And it's so neat that his wife wants to raise a puppy, that will be so cool for them! Glad your boy gets to stay with you a little longer than April!

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Who is going on the April truck? Thats fun that you get to keep him for a couple more months!

Sarah said...

Great news! Tahoma looks so happy. I saw that Tahoma is in Ohio...GEB has a region there in case she wants to try and raise there. Can't wait to here how Tahoma does as big sister :)

Megan & Sherman said...

Yes, GEB is one of the links that I sent her. It was the only one of the schools that I recognized. The other two I had never hear of. I really hope that it works out for them. And the pups from our group leaving in April are Ontario, and Montgomery.

Brittany said...

Such good news!! Its great that Tahoma's partner keeps in touch with you. It is so hard to not hear anything from Calliope's.

Congrats for getting to keep Sherman for longer! I am expecting to keep Hobbs until at least June if not until Fun Day.

Emily and Suede said...

That is great about Tahoma and his partner! They seem like a perfect match, and it is great you still get updates on him.

Yeah! Glad Sherm is sticking around a little while longer. Good luck to him being the 'papa' in the group ;)

Emily, Maggie, Ellis, and Angel said...

lots of good news indeed!

Natalie said...

Awww Tahoma sure does look comfy on the couch :) And YAY for Sherman getting to stay a bit longer, that's awesome news!!

Ariel Segal said...

Hi Megan. This is great to hear!
I will always remember how gentle and happy Tahoma was at my cousin Aaron's wedding.

Did you get the link I sent you about guide dogs in Israel?



Best, Ariel Segal

Megan & Sherman said...

I must have missed that link in your last e-mail. It was really sounds like an interesting program. Thanks!

The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

That is awesome! It is always nice to hear from past puppies in their new lives and know they are loved. It is also mostly good to hear you get to kepp you puppy for a fw more weeks and that a new puppy is on the way!