Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Beach

I was so mad at myself because we went to the beach before Fun Day but stupid me left my camera card in my computer and so couldn't take pictures of Shermans first beach experience. He had so much fun though. He loved the water. I put him on a long line and he would jump over the waves and into the water and then paddle back to shore. He got sopping wet and drank half the ocean. He ran around in the sand too and loved that. The beach we went to the first time was a dog friendly beach. The second time it was not and the lifeguard asked that I keep his jacket on so that people wouldn't think that they could bring their dogs. I didn't want him playing much in the water because I try not to get his puppy coat too dirty. It did get dirty though with the sand at the water but I washed it really good when we got home. :)

Sitting in the sand.

Watching the waves.

In the water.

Dirty boy getting ready for a bath.

And bath time. :)