Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 for 30-Day 7 (Work)

I've never posted anything about work before so since I have nothing else interesting to say today's post is about my job. I've been at my new job for 2 1/2 months now and I love it. I work at a dog and cat rescue and rehabilitation center. Most days I would out at the ranch were the dogs spend the night and we do training and stuff there. On the weekends I work at the adoption center. Here are some pictures from my day yesterday at the ranch.

This is Bean he is a black lab mix and such a cool dog. He is in our small outdoor run.
Here's the whole run. The small side and then the big side. It's huge and great for the dogs to have a place to run around.
Playing fetch with a 6 year old black lab named Drake. He is such a happy dog.
Playing fetch with Bean.
Drake and Jack (A black lab/Dane mix)
The outside of the dog kennels. Each dog has a door to the outside that we can open to let them out. It's a pretty sweet set-up.
The wall next to the bathroom. The artwork just cracks me up.
The bathroom doors.
The inside small dog mosh pit.
This is Belle. She is uber awesome.
This is Sandy, she is a really sweet pit mix.

Obviously I like Sandy. :)

These kitties are Paris, Prudy and Picasa. Yep, I named them. LOL
This is Simon, he is a Siamese mix and looks like a cougar to me. He is HUGE!
This is Sterling. I love his eyes.
This is Morgana.
Well, those are pictures of work. Pretty exciting. And if you see anything you like all these animals are ready to find their forever homes. (Shameless plug)


Amanda said...

You do have some cute animals at work. :) The P cats names are awesome! Someday I want to come and see your facilities in person.

Carrie and Waffle said...

is that poodle peeing on the tree?! the mural is too funny!

Megan, Paris, Picassa & Snickers said...

It certainly is, it makes me giggle every time I pass it.

Amanda-You definitely should. We do tours on Saturdays but you can come up anytime. There is someone here every day of the week until 7pm. And we love having some volunteers to play with kittens and walk the dogs. :)