Thursday, November 25, 2010

30 for 30-Day 25 (Happy Thanksgiving/Picture Post)

Me and my crew wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. . .even though it's almost over. :) Here are some pictures from our morning romp in the snow.

Snickers crawled in my lap trying to get out of the cold.

It was -4 degrees outside so I look rediculous but at least I was warm.

Little Paulson gave up after a bit. Then we decided it was time to go inside. :)
Hope everyone had a great day. I know we did!


Mary Jo said...

We had a great Thanksgiving with Mr. Sinclair. We fostered him over the long weekend and absolutely fell in love with him -- again. If Snickers and Sinclair have personalities in common, then your guy must be stealing hearts right and left. Sinclair picked up training tips right away and made huge strides over the long weekend. Is Snickers quick to pick up training tips?