Friday, November 5, 2010

30 for 30-Day 5 (Farewell Picassa)

Here are my pictures from my goodbye to Picassa.

Me and Picassa in front of the truck.

Christina and Picassa getting ready to board. Christina was also raised in my club and is Picassas half sister.

Picassa pretty much ran onto the truck and into a kennel. I said a quick goodbye told her that I was proud of her and to do good things and that was that. She is in California now getting acquainted with the GDB campus and starting her health exams.

And now I am down to two dogs which is nice, but very different and quiet. It always feels like something is missing.


Reddunappy said...

I know what you mean, down to one dog now. When we got Dublin he was our third. then we lost the original two to old age and cancer. only had Dub for 5 months and found Max! When I found out Maxs birthdate, it was the day after we had Teddy put to sleep, pretty wierd!
I dont know what would be harder! Putting them on the truck to travel to GDB or taking them to the kennels yourself! We are lucky enought to be only 45 min from the Boring Campus.
She will do great!
As of phase report yesterday, Dublin has started phase 1!!!