Monday, November 1, 2010

Picture Post of the Last Month

It's been almost a month since my last post, and since I don't want to bore you all here are some pictures from the last month. I guess the most important thing to say is that Picassa's recall got bumped up from the 8th to the 3rd so she is leaving in just 2 short days, and all the pups are doing great.

Pictures from my last hike with Picassa.

Rafferty, Joaquin, and Picassa.
A play date with Snickers's half sister Kasha.

Paris, Snickers, Clifford, and Kahsa.
Snickers in a Halloween Shop.

Snickers the executioner. . .so scary!

Snickers first elevator ride. He did fantastic, just watched the ground wondering why it was getting so far away.
Snickers LOVES to shop. . . or maybe not!
Snickers first restaurant. He was phenomenal!
Halloween, Picassa as Thing 1.
My puppy group all decked out for our Halloween parade through the mall. Julimae the pirate, Sugar with wings and clover on her head, Antigua the Bee, Christina in a cute black and green dress, Jacinda in a blue dress, Kyle the pony, Snickers and Picassa as Thing 1 & 2, Clyde the Bee, and Breeze and the white rabbit in Alice and Wonderland.
Snickers passed out in the mall.
Snickers on a kiddy ride in the mall.
Kasha and Snickers both Forte puppies laying on a bench.
Picassa and Clifford also 1/2 siblings with Kentucky in common sitting on the bench.
Picassa saying bye to Mitch after puppy meeting. This was her last puppy class. :( I know she is being naughty but it's still cute.
Snickers discovered a fountain and jumped up on the rim, also being naughty but so cute!
Picassa in class. She looks so cute in this picture.
Picassa at work.
Snickers being his crazy, cute little self.
Okay, I am going to try really hard to be better about blogging. So stay tuned more to come soon!
P.S. I am going to attempt the 30 post in 30 days for the month of November. So this is the first in the series. :)


Raiser Erin said...

I absolutely love that he's jumping from bed to bed.

I'm sorry she's leaving so soon. I know she'd going to de great and I believe her sister Penne is already in for Breeder Evaluation. She's still intact right? Does this mean she's going to California?

Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

Awesome pictures, good luck to Picassa, I know she'll do great :)
Snickers looks like a bundle of joy - he's so cute!
Hope to see more updates soon!

Rudy's Raiser

Reddunappy said...

LOL he is so funny pouncing on the beds! LOL
Do any other of his Chocolet siblings raisers have a blog?

Maddie and Jorinda said...

Good luck to Picassa! She's going to do great!
And Snickers is seriously the cutest puppy in training ever! (except for my own pups of course ;)!

paige said...

Such beautiful dogs! Snickers is precious - we rarely get chocolate guide dogs over here across the ocean. I'm on my first guide dog puppy, Laura. She's jet black and perfect.

Love your blog!

L^2 said...

Best of luck to Picassa in training! Hope to hear good news about her career path soon.
And Snickers is adorable - your pictures of him make me wonder what my chocolate boy looked like as a youngster. I love how he hops on the beds. LOL