Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Turn. . .

I figured it was my turn to answer Erins questions.

How many puppies have you raised?
Five- Prudy (FYL), Tahoma (FBL), Glennie (FYL), Adeline (FYL), and Sherman (MBL)

Why did you start raising?
I love dogs and I love helping people so it was the best of both worlds. I love learning new skills and meeting people too so that didn't hurt.

How long have you been a puppy raiser?
I started attending meetings in November 2001 and got my first puppy June 2002 so about 6 1/2 years.

What is one thing you have learned in raising?
No one is perfect, all you can do is try your best.

What have your puppies taught you?
Prudy- Good things take time, and "It is better to have loved and lost then never have loved at all."
Tahoma- With hard work and determination you can accomplish anything, she taught me about tough love and perseverance.
Glennie- It is okay to just be a dog and no matter how hard you work not all dogs are meant to be guides.
Adeline- Unconditional love, it is okay to relax, and somethings are just perfect from the beginning even if the end result isn't exactly what you wanted.
Sherman- It is okay to laugh and be silly and to have fun.

What is the strangest thing someone has asked/said to you about your puppy?
Umm. . . you all heard my freezer story. YEESH!! I think it is funny that while I was raising all my girls they kept being called he's when out in public and now that I have a he, he is always referred to as she by people. That gets kinda annoying. I dropped my chap stick once and had a guy pick it up and he grabbed my hand and opened it and stuck my chap stick in my hand and then closed my hand around the chap stick because he thought I was blind. I had a good laugh over that later. (I did wait until I was away from him to laugh) :)

Do you give your puppies real name out in public?
Most of the time, when I am bored though I will tell people that Shermans name is Boomer or something like that. Adeline was Tina. I know it is a weird way to amuse myself. :)

What is the most embarrassing incident that you've had with your puppy?
When a lady was asking me about potty training and I was telling her how all of our pups are potty trained and go on command and my puppy started peeing. Luckily we were outside so it wasn't a huge deal but still embarrassing enough that I just walked away and got in my car and went home. :0

What is the most proud moment you've had with your puppy?
~When Tahoma was chosen for breeding and had her litter
~When Tahoma graduated as a guide
~When Glennie had her first successful trip to the grocery store. (She had alot of public issues and it took us a long time to accomplish that but I was so proud of her when we did)
~When my first puppy made it to recall and then to phase 8

and many, many more. :)

What advice do you have for newbie puppy raisers/owners?
Try it once I am sure you will get addicted. :) Don't be afraid to get attached, these pups have a way of wriggling themselves into your heart.


Anna and Lawrence said...

I didn't realize Sherman was your first male...funny. I'm just not so observant these

Megan & Sherman said...

Yep Sherman is my first male. It took a bit of adjusting but I think he is awesome! A lot of people thought that Tahoma was a boy. I still get people who ask how "He" is doing and I always say, "SHE is doing great."

Irish said...

So will you get another puppy to raise when sherman leaves in two months? How long will sherman be in advanced training.

Elizabeth and Miss "A" said...

Good answers to the questions. That's funny about the chap stick. At least the guy wasn't saying "Are you blind?" really loud. :)

Anna and Lawrence said...

Hee hee...I love the males...My one female was a bit of a terror so I'm sticking with males for now :D