Sunday, April 3, 2011

Picassa Graduates

If I had to use one word to describe Picassa's graduation it would be: Perfect! I would not change one single thing. :)

Here are my favorite things about graduation:

-How much Picassa already loves her partner after being together for two weeks, and how Picassa would constantly check in with her partner.

-Picassa's partner said she had to practice corrections with Juno (GDB fake dog) because Picassa never gave her the opportunity to practice.

-How excited Picassa was to see me.

-That Picassa's partner has a little kid because Picassa LOVES kids.

-How absolutely perfect Picassa and her partner are together and how well me and Picassa's partner got along. We are very similar personality wise. :) (I don't know how GDB does it)

-That Picassa has phenomenal work ethic!

-The Picassa is still the kangaroo I know and love!

-That Picassa still makes her moaning chewbacca noises in her sleep.

-That Picassa's trainer said she was always very willing to learn and such an easy dog to train.

-How surprised Picassa's partner was about the length of Snickers' tail, when really Picassa's tail is abnormally stubby. (I was the same way while raising her, everyones tail seemed super long)

-How serious Picassa is about her new job. Her partner was telling me that during a route every few blocks they release the dog with the "okay" command so they can de-stress and take a break and Picassa always refused to act silly in her harness.

-How happy Picassa seems to be when she is in her harness.

-(And now that she is home)That Picassa seems to be adjusting to life in Minnesota so well and her work continues to be flawless. :)

And my favorite thing. . .

-That Picassa is now a full fledged, best of the best, working guide dog now!

And, without further delay, here are pictures from graduation!

The training board
The dogs in class board and there is Picassa! Something interesting about class was that all the dogs were female all the students were female and all the trainers were female except one, I found that really funny. Also, Picassa was the only yellow lab in the class, the other five were black.
Me pointing at Picassa's name on the training board.
I loved that they put me in the same room as when I met Fullerton and his grad. :) This is me getting my first glimpse of Picassa and her partner coming out of their dorm room. She wasn't hard to spot being the only yellow dog.
Picassa, her partner and trainer coming down the hall. Picassa was really excited.
The girl was so excited to see me.
Jumping all over me in typical kangaroo fashion

Picassa in harness leading her partner to get pictures taken.

Picassa and her partner getting formal pics taken.
Picassa's partner, me and Picassa in a formal picture.
I missed Picassa kisses, they are so sweet.

Picassa looking up at her partner

Picassa's partner loved seeing her old outfit and Picassa seemed to miss it too. She tried to put her head through it. :) We had to get a picture of Picassa with her old jacket (which is now Snickers')

Me and Picassa waiting for instructions before going to the glass box room
Walking across the stage

She just looks absolutely amazing in harness! I think this is my favorite picture of the day, it's amazing!

Me with Picassa (pup #9) and Snickers (pup #10)
My last glimpse of Picassa and her partner as they walk back to the dorm.
Graduation was absolutely amazing and it was great seeing Picassa again and seeing how happy she was with her job and her new partner. Her partner is completely thrilled with her and I could not imagine a better match for Picassa. I wish them many years of safe travel together and look forward to hearing all about it. Goodbye Picassa be a good girl and know that you will always have a piece of my heart. :)


Reddunappy said...

Our first pup Luxor is in St. Paul! LOL Snickers has gotten so big!!
Deanna is our career change, Dublins sister! I know of 3 in his litter that have gone on to careers, 1 on the 3 as a wheel chair puller!! (Doug), its so cool to see them succeding!!
Picasa looks so happy!

Shelly :) said...

Congrats to you and Picassa's new partner! She does look totally stunning harness. :)

Sarah and Vance said...

Woot! I am so happy for you! Looks like a great time by all and so glad Picassa looks so good! Wonderful pics :)

Elijah and Dembre said...

GO PICASSA!!!!! She graduated! You must be bursting with pride! I know I would be! A big congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandy and Saxon said...

this is awesome, Megan! I got to relieve Cancun once at graduation and accidently put Saxon's puppy coat over his head. he was like OK MOM! Whoops, wrong dog.

SapphireBride said...

/Cry... We <3 you Megan! I just wrote about graduation too! Hugs from us and Kangaroo hugs from Picassa to you. :)

Ashley & Meeden said...

Hi Megan,

Congratulations on Picassa graduating!!! I am a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence and I love the leashes you make! I was wondering how much one would cost and if you do make and sell them?

Ashley (