Monday, April 18, 2011

The Picassa-less part of graduation

So I've wanted to share these photos from my graduation trip but I've been super busy so here ya go.

Me and Amanda with Snickers and Breeze left for graduation on Friday morning and drove home on Sunday. In a three day span we spent about 32 hours in the car. It was a fantastic trip though and totally worth it. The pups behaved themselves beautifully. And, Oregon is gorgeous so we got a little bit of touristing into our busy schedule. Anyway, here are photos from Breeze and Snickers part of the graduation trip.

Snickers using Breeze as a pillow in the car. The pups did some rough housing in the car but most of the time they slept or chewed on bones.
Breeze using my suitcase as a pillow.
After we arrived in Oregon we took the dogs for a walk and it was so gorgeous and green. There were some really cool plants and moss growing from absolutely everything. I loved it. Unfortunately there are no pictures because I left my camera in the car. :( But, it was a lazy night after that. I did homework and Amanda graded papers and then we headed to bed, and yes we are super cool people. :) The next morning was graduation, so it consisted of getting ready. We got to campus and had to drop the pups off in the kennels. Snickers was super popular on campus, everyone asked if he was. . . the chocolate. LOL, he got lots of pets and attention and he just soaked it up and was on his best behavior. He got to meet his big sister Picassa again and was so very excited to see her. After all that craziness me and Amanda were starving so we went to Olive Garden for some Lunch/Dinner and the dogs were perfect!

Breeze sitting in the waiting area of the restaurant.
Snickers in the waiting area.
Snickers snoozing away on the floor while we ate.
Breeze sleeping in the restaurant.
Since we still had a lot of the afternoon left we asked our waitress if there was anything close by that was a good tourist attraction. She told us about some winery's so we decided to do that. Well, on the way we got lost but we found some cool views so stopped for pictures. :)

Me and Snickers above a very large river. It was pretty gloomy but I like the picture anyway. :)
Snickers with the river and evergreens behind him.
Breeze with the river and trees behind her. The sky kept getting scarier and scarier.
Right after that picture it started hailing and raining really hard so we ran to the car. While in there a rainbow developed and we could see the whole thing. It was awesome!
We decided to chase the rainbow for a photo opportunity so jumped in the car and sped away. (You know your a puppy raiser when. . .) Anyway, we found the end as it was disappearing so quickly took photo's of both dogs. I love this picture!!! (It's the one I sent in for the GDB 2012 Calendar)
Breeze in front of the rainbow.
The valley below where we had parked. I LOVE OREGON!
We managed to find our way home and let the dogs blow off some steam by playing a short game of chase.
Then it was dinner time! Snickers waiting so patiently for his dinner to be poured.
Snickers inhaling his food. It kinda looks like he is vomiting but he's eating I promise.
Then more homework and grading papers and then bed. We left early Sunday morning to head home but on the way we couldn't resist hiking up Multnomah Falls. It's gorgeous!

Snickers and I in front of the Multnomah Falls sign.
Amanda and Breeze in front of the sign.
Snickers posing in front of the lower falls.
Breeze in front of the lower falls. This picture turned out so good of her. She's a cutie!

Me and Snickers walking up the trail.
Snickers and Breeze half way up the upper falls.
That's the last picture of the trip. The dogs were perfect traveling companions and the trip was amazing! I loved every second of it.


Shelly :) said...

I love the pictures of the dogs in front of the rainbow. They are beautiful! :)

Katherine and Breeze said...

I love the picture of Breeze lying on your suitcase. She likes to lay on things like that so it is totally like her. I am glad you guys had a fun time in Oregon!

Reddunappy said...

You came up to our neck of the woods!! LOL That big river, I wonder where you were, it looks like the Columbia, unless you were farther south?
Multnomah falls is gorgeous, you take great pics of the pups! and I love the rainbow!!!

Beth and Alfie said...

Great pictures! That 2nd one made me laugh...dogs sleep in such funny ways sometimes. ;-)

Elijah and Dembre said...

GREAT PICS!!! I love the rainbow

Carrie and Waffle said...

it is official I hate your picture taking skills. you are going to make the calendar again~! Taht pic with the rainbow is totally awesome! glad you had a great time in Oregon.