Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh my, it's been two weeks already. . .

These past few weeks have really flown by and I don't know why because we haven't really been up to much at all. So, I guess I will do a little catch up. Here are some pictures of Hobbs and Patriots last day here. They were perfect house guests and me and Paris really enjoyed having them here. :D

Hobbs and Paris running around the backyard.
[Hobbs in the lead and Paris close behind]
I absolutely love this picture. Paris is such a doll!
[Paris in mid stride with her front half in the air, ears flapping up in the air, mouth open, and tongue lolling out the side of her mouth, she looks VERY happy]
Hobbs and Paris had a good time running around together while Patriot just did his own old man stuff.
[Patriot pacing the yard.]
The dogs are done playing.
[All three dogs lined up by the door waiting to be let in.]
[Patriot and Paris sharing a bone. Patriot facing away from camera and Paris facing camera both with half the bone in their mouth]
[Patriot on his back with Paris standing triumphantly over him, she got sick of the bone game it was so funny to see Patriot (who is at least twice Paris' size) go belly up.]
This is what I call trust. I have been working on Paris' food avoidance since she is horrible about picking things up off the ground, and I am happy to announce that she has made vast improvements. :D
[Paris sitting in my car with a bag of Wendy's food between her legs, she doesn't even seem to notice it.]
I did get a pretty funny comment from the drive through lady at Wendy's though. She leans out the window, takes a LONG look at Paris and then says: "you know, you are not supposed to drive if you are blind!" I responded: "It's okay she tells me when to turn." I couldn't resist, and I laughed nearly the whole way home. People just don't think sometimes.
Anyway, last Wednesday I puppy traded Paris for Meade. This is the first time Paris has been with another raiser since I got her. It sounds like she is being pretty good though, I am definitely happy about that. I am really excited to get her back tomorrow though, I really missed having her around, I didn't know I was this attached to her already. :D

Here is a big headshot of Meade sitting in my car on the way to school. He is a big, beautiful black lab who always looks surprised.
Here is is running around my backyard with a Nyla Ring in his mouth. The backyard is so much funner with a toy. That's what my pups have taught me. :D
I guess my final bit of business is Fullerton news. Boy do I miss my little, red dog! Anyway, I have forgotten what it's like to have a puppy in formal training. My last pup to even make it to recall was Sherman and he only lasted two or three weeks. My leader has called me a couple times and she says I sound so expectant and leery. lol Each time she called me I answer the phone and hold my breath. It's weird. So, Fullerton has been dropped from breeding. I can't say I'm not disappointed as I would have LOVED to raise Fullerton babies. One of his brothers has gone into the next phase of breeder evals so maybe there are some Fuller nieces and nephews in the future and that would be awesome too. :D He was dropped last week so he was already neutered and now I think he is just waiting for a string to join. I am really excited to watch him on the phase report, (I don't know if he will show up on the one today or not) Thursdays have a whole new meaning now. :D So, everyone watch out for my boy, I hope he does well and studies hard.


Sarah and the Pack. said...

Wow! Paris looks like she is having a BLAST! Glad to see she is still doing well for you, even if she is still a little bit of a garbage mouth. I think she must have secretly left a note for Rafferty that eating random crap off the ground is fun.

Maybe Fuller and Millie will end up in the same string!

Brittany said...

Oh, Patriot looks so OLD! :*( It is good to know that he wasn't too grumpy for Paris.

Too bad on Fuller getting dropped from breeding. It is nice to get that over with before they start formal training though.

R said...

Wonderful descriptions!!! My favorite is the one of doggy in mid stride with toungue hanging out, and the two dogs eating the bone, priceless!

This is the second story in like a week I've heard of this kind of drive through person. I wonder if a puppy raiser has ever gotten pulled over by a cop relative of the drive through people...

Oh I can't wait to start watching for Fullerton on the phase report!

Taelor, Pilaf, and Cartier said...

Awww, you have lots of little furry visitors! I love that comment at wendy's... priceless!!! =D

Fullerlifewithdogs said...

Fullerton will do well, he will be the perfect size for someone who wants an adorable and easy to handle male dog.

Reddunappy said...

LOL love the drivethrough story LOL

I was picking up my prescription the other day and had Dublin with me, mind you he is still little,wearing his puppy jacket, and the gal behind the counter signed to me, thank you, that was nice of her, but one I have a very small puppy, in training and two I do have a speech impediment, but it doesnt mean I am deaf, oh well, I didnt have the heart to tell her. At least she was polite.