Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall/Winter Photo Shoot

A few days ago I decided to take some cute pictures of Paris in the fall leaves. I am glad I did because the next day we had a layer of snow on the ground. One thing about Utah is that Fall does not last very long, usually we have snow a week or two after all the leaves have fallen. :D I love Winter thought, the cold and the snow are the BEST! Anyway, here is the product of our fall photo shoot. ( P.S. I have been trying really hard to add descriptions to all my photos, I hope I am doing okay and that's it helps visualize what they look like. But bear with me as I am not a very good descriptive writer)

First, I want to try to describe what Paris looks like: Paris is an average sized female Yellow lab. Right now she weighs about 54 pounds and she is only 8 months old so I expect her to be around 60 pounds. . . maybe when she is full grown. Her color varies from an almost white color to a dark caramel color. (I absolutely love her coloring!) She has big floppy ears, probably the biggest ears of any puppy I have raised and they fold out on the front edges. (and always dip in her food and water when she eats) Her ears, tip of her tail and a stripe down the center of her back are the darkest part of her and are an almost redish color. Down her back is mottled, if that makes sense, it's ummm. . . dark but has lighter flecks of fur throughout it. From her mid back to her pretty little fanny is a zig-zag design, I'm not sure how that happens but it's cute. She has a long, thin tail that is the same mottled color as her back and never stops wagging. Down her sides and tummy her fur is really light and almost white. She also has a lightish face with a couple darker patches on her forehead (I love those) She has a dark black nose (although the cold weather is making it a little lighter) and it looks like she wears eyeliner because the skin around her eyes is really dark. She has very expressive eyebrows and worry wrinkles on her forehead. She has a very droopy face that I love. She also has a small black spot in the center of her tongue. It is kinda in the back so I don't see it often but i am still trying to get a picture of it. :D Anyway, I hope that gives you all an idea of what she really looks like as pictures just never do her justice. :D Okay and now with no further ado here are the pictures:

[A side view of Paris looking at the camera laying in big leaves with her puppy coat on]
[A picture from above she is looking up at the camera with big yellowed leaves all around.
[Here is Paris laying down with her nose buried in the leaves, the light from the sun is making her glow a bit too.] This is one of my favorites for the day.
The next day:
Now here is a picture of the lovely lady in the snow. No puppy coat worn this time.
[Paris sitting in the snow looking at the camera.]

What is a photo shoot without bloopers. Unfortunately I have more blooper pictures than the nice ones. :D

I am honestly not sure how this picture came about. I think I was carrying my camera up the stairs and must have accidentally snapped a picture and although it looks like she is stating her opinion (or barking) she is not.

[A view of Paris from below at the top of my stairs. Her left ear is flapping out to the side while her right ear is flush with the side of her face. Her mouth is open in a rounded position that makes it look like she is barking.]
[Paris bored of the photo shoot is letting out a big yawn while laying in the leaves]
[Paris goes belly up on the grass with her feet in the air]
[Paris laying in the leaves, looking very innocent with a leaf sticking out of her mouth]
[Paris laying in the snow licking it, tongue out and everything]
[Paris winking while sitting in the snow. I think a snowflake got in her eye, poor girl]
I wanted to get a picture of her in the snow without her leash on. . . mistake! lol I snapped off her leash and put her in a sit/stay then I backed up a couple of steps and turned my camera on and as soon as I hit the button Paris took off. Goofy dog! ha ha. I told her to "come" which she did and then I put her in a sit/stay again. She stayed that time and then I gave her the okay to run around. She had a ball romping in and eating the snow.

[Paris (from the side) springing out of her sit, back legs ready for take of and front legs curled up under her, and ears flying wild in the wind.]
This one wasn't part of the photo shoot but it makes me smile anyway. She fell asleep while chewing on her big Turkey Leg Nylabone.
[Paris zonked out with her head hanging over the edge of her dog bed and face smashed into the floor, with the Turkey bone by her mouth.]
That's about it from here. Hope everyone and their puppies are having an okay Monday.


R said...

Oh I am just all misty eyed at the work you put in to describing these pictures. I have such a good image of her now, and never knew the yellow labs could have sich different colorings to their fur! I think the descriptions are fab, especially picturing her face smashed into the ground eating the bone hahaha!!! I had a big grin on my face while reading this, and am just so touched. Thank you!!!

Stefanie and Elvis said...

I love the "blooper" picture of Paris licking the snow! It's awesome to see how you two have bonded.