Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shermans new trick

Sherman has decided that I need to get up as soon as my alarm goes off in the morning, instead of hitting the snooze button nine times. So, he has developed a new trick to get me out of bed. He will go to the foot of my bed and shove his nose under my covers and find my foot and give me a big, wet, SLURP! That is usually enough to startle me out of bed. He gets a big kick out of it too. I will freak out and pop out of bed and he comes over to the side that I get out of and wiggles and wags and looks so happy for me to be awake and getting his leash to take him out and get him fed. Silly pooch! At least he doesn't try to get me up before 8am. (He knows better. ha ha)

Also, I have had Hartley here since Saturday and then another puppy sitter is picking him up tomorrow and keeping him until his raisers gets home. I am not sure how long that is though. Anyway, today I had him and Sherm on tie down far enough away from each other that they could not get to one another. (so I thought) So I turned my back on them and started reading my book. After about ten minutes I hear Sherman screaming bloody murder so I spin around and Hartley had Shermans tail in his mouth and would not let go, even though Sherman was screaming and trying to run away but couldn't since Hartley had a pretty firm hold. (and they were on a tile floor) It was so pitiful sounding! So, I grabbed Hartley and he finally let go. I felt so bad. I shortened both of their tie-downs and made sure they really couldn't reach each other and checked Sherman over and he seemed fine, even though he was quite pouty. Poor guy! I felt horrible, "bad puppy raiser"! Anyway, now we are down in my room with Sherman sleeping on my feet and Hartley complaining about being in the kennel. I really hate to say negative things about the dogs but Hartley has been in the kennel with a long line on for the past hour and no matter how much I correct he won't SHUT UP! It is driving me insane. I am ready to move the kennel upstairs so I don't have to hear him anymore. I am playing really loud music in an effort to drown out his whines but it isn't working. I am frustrated, and I don't frustrate easily. He is giving me a huge headache! I will keep trying. . . hopefully he shuts it before I give up and go sleep on the couch! Please pray for my sanity. . . :) It really makes me appreciate my nice, QUIET doggy. (Thank you Sherman for being the awesome puppy that you are. It will be sad to see you go and have to start all this over again. lol)


Lisa & Runza said...

Sherman once again shines through with that clever personality. Every time you post something about Sherman, it makes me laugh. He is such a great puppy. And SO SMART!!! What a riot! :)

Poor Sherman, that hurts to have a tail bitten. (Not like I would actually know, but it just seems that it would hurt.)

Good luck with Hartley. It's sometimes hardest - especially with other pups. There is definitely some pups I wouldn't want to watch again. :) Makes you really appreciate your pup. :) Hope Hartley shuts up soon! *wink*