Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More fun in the snow. . .

It snowed again, this time we got about six or seven inches. I love snow! (Have I said that yet) So after a fresh sheet fell we went out to play again. (and for the record, Sherman is relieving regularly in the snow and doing great!) Sherman is doing great. I can't believe he is nearly 11 months old. That is just scary to me. :) I think he knows everything he should it is just polishing it all that needs to be done. :) He is still the sweet little boy he has always been with a little extra exuberance lately. I blame the snow, that is when it started. But he still keeps me laughing and still has such a great personality. I love him dearly. It will be sad to see him go. Anywho, back the the snow. I love the way Sherman runs, it just looks funny. So enjoy these clips and photos.

Looks like he is doing a somersault but really he is grabbing a big bite of snow as he runs. Goof!
Snow on the nose. Classic!
He kicks his legs out when he runs, it looks so funny!

Excuse the scream, I nearly fell on my fanny in the beginning of the video.

After running around he was shivering like mad, I felt so bad for him. So he got wrapped up and warmed by the heater. Such a baby!


Hobbes Dogs said...

Wow, what a handsome man! I can't believe he's getting so old either.

We love the snow too, although we're not enjoying the freezing rain we're getting at the moment. Hopefully we'll get some more snow next week when we're home with a backyard to really enjoy it!

Sam, Dallas, and Wylie

Natalie said...

Aw Sherman, you're too cute!!

Love the first pictures, the action shot is so cool!

Brittany said...

Sherman is so funny! I love the pictures! We are not loving the snow too much because Hobbs has gotten a new burst of energy as well and is being a bit of a pill.

Career Changed Provo said...

Yay for snow! I love the snow too & mom says I look like you running through the snow.


Kelsey and Spike said...

Cute videos. We haven't gotten as much snow as you yet, but I'm sure it's coming. ;)

Emily, Ellis, and Angel said...

What a goofy boy Sherman is! So cute running like that :) We finally got a good helping of snow too!