Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wheeler Farm

A couple weeks ago I took the pups to Wheeler Farm. It's a farm that people are allowed to tour with their dogs. It was really fun and my dogs got to meet a lot of farm animals. Paris loved it! She is completely fearless and was practically crawling into the pens to meet all the animals. Snickers was less than impressed, he did not like all the strange creatures at all.

Okay blogger is being dumb and won't let me label the pictures, but they are self explanitory so enjoy. (The chihuahua's are my roommates dogs Conall (black) and Romeo (yellow) The snow is from a few days after and the last one is Paris asleep on my shoe. It made me laugh!


Little "T" comes tomorrow!! I can't wait!


Raiser Erin said...

Just noticed the names on the side. Treasure is such a cute name. :)

Paris is such a silly girl. :) She makes me giggle just through her pictures. I can't imagine the stitch in your side you must have by living with her. :D Snickers cracked me up in the one with the chickens. "What? They're chickens...why are we taking pictures?" LOL!

Fullerlifewithdogs said...

I love the look Paris has in the shot by herself. "Looks like she is thinking smells everywhere and not a bite to eat."

Lacey said...

I think Erie needs to go to this farm! She could use the exposure to horses. At our TD test, we could see that several of the tracks went right through a big group of cattle. I was terrified that I would get one of those tracks and Erie would be way too distracted- and probably barking- to work. We didn't get one of them, however, by the time they got to them the cattle had moved on anyways.