Friday, May 13, 2011

Little "T" has arrived!

I picked up my new puppy yesterday. My mystery "T" puppy is a Male Black lab named Tartan! I already love and and besides his need to kill all foliage is doing pretty well. Here are pictures:

The truck pulling in.

Our club received four new pups yesterday. The first off the truck was male black lab Roscoe!

Roscoe has the cutest face!
My puppy came off next

Tartan giving his new mom a kiss.
The third pup for our club was male yellow lab Athens

And the last one is male yellow lab Mozart.
Mozart and his new family.
Love his eyes!
This is Athens, he is really white and has tons of wrinkles.
The four new pups and their raisers. Mozart, Roscoe, Tartan and Athens.
Me and Tartan
This is Clyde a pup from our club who was transferred to raisers in Colorado. We wish him luck and will sure miss his presence at puppy classes. He is a stellar dog!
Tartan tries to play with a black lab named Russia but ends up on his back.
I just love Tartans dopey face!
Tartans first meal. He's definitely a lab and really loves his kibble.
Trying to get Tartan to relieve. It took until almost 12 hours later for him to go.
Tartans first bath. The pups are on beds of newspaper on the truck so they are usually pretty grimy.
Shake, shake, shake

That's it for now. I'll have more up later-ish. :)


Beth Lord said...

Welcome, little Tartan! Looking forward to hearing more about you as you settle in. :-)

Erin and Co. said...

Yay for baby puppies

mwc said...

Congrats on getting Tartan! There's nothing so sweet like puppy kisses and puppy bellies. So as a follow up, our group has one of Tartan's brothers. He's a yellow lab named Tuscan (in the picture of the litter, he's the darker yellow puppy). Enjoy your new baby!

Michelle and Limerick