Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Paris!

Well, my little girl is a year old today. I can't believe it! She has been here for 5 months now and I couldn't be more pleased with her. She is a great pupper and only gets better and better.

Today has already been quite eventful. We had puppy meeting at my house this morning and we decided to make it a birthday party because four of our clubs puppies turned a year old this week. My leader passed the torch on to me to plan and everything so it was fun. I am afraid I showed my more dorky side today but my club seemed to enjoy it. :D And as an extra special treat Paris' first mom, Sarah came too. Paris was so excited to see her, it was cute.

[Paris with her goofy birthday hat on. It is a round cake shaped hat with three candles on top that all of my puppies have worn.]

Here are the pupcakes that I made for the party. Each dog got one. They are peanut butter and honey cupcakes with blended cottage cheese frosting and carrot shreds on top.
What is a birthday party without games. We played tic-tac-toe first. It's where we have the pup down-stay in a square and if they move they loose the square. We split into a yellow dog team and a black dog team. The yellow dogs won in the end. It was fun and it works on the dogs stay and dog distraction. Paris did really well, I was very impressed with her stays.

[Paris starting the game in the middle square.]

[Paris and Mara staying in their squares.]
[The baby of the group Sugar not so happy about her birthday hat but staying in her square still. If the pups are under 8mo their raiser can stay next to them but if they are over 8mo the raiser has to walk away]
Paris and Sugar staying on one side with Rafferty in the middle.]
[And Mara goes between Paris and Sugar for the block. Everyone staying so well.]
[Got two yellows in a row (Paris and Sugar) and then Rafferty in the middle square.]
[And Meade blocks Sugar and Paris.]
After that we played musical chairs where we walked around in circles and had the dog sit on a piece of paper when the music stopped. Paris' brother Peanut won that game.
After that it was time for pupcakes. I think the dogs enjoyed that the most!
[Paris waiting. . . patiently for her pupcake.]
[Peanut sitting and waiting for his pupcake.]
[Paris scarfing down her pupcake. Mouth open with crumbles coming out]
[Meade eating his pupcake.]
[Mara eats her pupcake.]
[Sugar (a 3 mo old very white little golden puppy) was quite impressive with her pupcake, she gobbled it down in one bite.]
[Moseley (10 mo old yellow lab) took his sweet time and made a big mess with his]
After everyone left I got to chat with Sarah for a bit and she even brought Paris a birthday present. Paris loves her new Nylabone and is currently laying at me feet gnawing noisily on her new bone. I'd say she likes it a lot. Thanks Sarah!
And that was the end. It was a very fun party and I am so glad everyone came. I think people and pups had a grand time and I hope to be able to do it again sometime.
PS. There were human cupcakes too, just so you know. :D


L^2 said...

Happy Birthday to Paris! Sounds like it was a great party. I love your version of tic-tac-toe.

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Human cupcakes?! Sounds a bit cannibalistic. ;P

The tic-tac-toe game is such a great idea! Fun but also testing the dogs' stay skills.

Happy birthday, Paris!! Those pupcakes looked delicious.

Hobbes Dogs said...

That sounds like a great party and awesome game ideas ... I'd like to try them sometime.

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Thanks so much for letting me come! I am glad Paris is enjoying her bone!!! I loved seeing her and how much she has grown...even if she did want to great Rafferty before me silly girl. See you next weekend!