Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm Home

I can't believe how many changes have happened with everyone while I was gone. I didn't read anyones blog while I was at camp because the Internet was so incredibly slow. So I just got finished catching up with everyone. So first I wanted to welcome the new pups to the blogging world: Douglas, Burgess, Focus, Franklin and Lisas pup (can't wait to meet him) Good luck to the the recalled dogs and the pups in training: Chris, Angel (and good luck on breeder evals too) Spike, Suede, DeSoto, and good luck to Kimora when she leaves. Congrats on the Grads: Velma, Nettie, and Runza (it's about time, he looks so happy with his partner too) And sorry about the career changes: Irie, Eagle (I know how you feel, hopefully he gets his perfect forever home) and Pantera. Brittney and Amber I loved reading about your internships, they sounded like so much fun. And Brittney good luck with Hobbs clicker training. My parents got a dog while I was gone and I really want to try clicker training with it!! I am so excited! And I can't believe how big every ones puppies got while I was gone.

Whew. :) I said most of what I wanted in the previous post (check it out it is a picture post) I don't really have time to go over the last month since my last post so I will just say that Camp Bloomfield is AMAZING!! I would highly recommend going if you can. I had a blast, of course there are challenges too but it is so rewarding too. :) I am so glad that I went and will remember my experience there forever.

I should also say that I just found out that Spanky has a recall date. He is leaving for formal training on October 3rd. I love this big goofy boy and I definitely didn't get enough time with him but I hope he does well! He really has gone through and conquered so much this summer. I am very proud of him.

If anyone has questions about camp I would be happy to answer just leave your questions in the comments. :)

I better go though because I need a REAL shower and Spanky needs a REAL bath and I need to wash ALL of my clothes. :) Have a good day everyone! Hopefully my blog gets a bit more interesting now that I have reliable and fast Internet access. :)


Lisa and Runza said...

Oh my goodness! A recall date already?

Are you getting another one the same day?

So glad you had such a great time! What a great experience.

Elizabeth and Alana said...

It sounds like camp was awesome! I'm glad you took so many pictures. I can't wait to go (probably not until 2012). :)

Good luck, Spanky! It's sad that you just got him and he's already leaving. :( Hurray for getting to see Sherm. He looks handsome as always. :)

Joanna and Camry said...

oh I was wondering when you would be back!!! Glad to see you!!! thanks for posting all those pics, they are GREAT!!! Welcome back!!

and good luck to Spanky going IFT! I'm sure he'll do well!!

thepuppyraiser said...

Welcome home! Sounds and looks like you and Spanky had a blast at camp. Enjoy your last bit of time with him and we wish you both well come October :)

Emily and Douglas said...

Welcome back! Your time was so short with Mr. Spanky, but it sounds like he will be ready!

Kelsey, Spike, and Burgess said...

I love the picture post! Yay for Sherman and his new blue jacket, and all the other fun stuff you did! ;) Welcome back!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the thoughts for Irie and I. Glad to have you back and good luck to Spanky!