Monday, August 25, 2008

Huge Picture Post

I decided to put up a few of the pictures I took this summer, this isn't even a fraction of them I took over 2000 pictures this summer!!! Anyway here goes. . .

This is my bunk (the bunks are not the most comfy, It was glorious to sleep on my very own bed last night, but it was hard to sleep without the creakiness of the bunk every time you move)

This is the first day I got there. These are the Malibu mountains that you see from the top of our camp. It is gorgeous and you feel so secluded. It is amazing! And of course that is Spanky
Spanky and Godfrey (the golden) became really good friends during the summer. They are nearly inseparable and would get really excited to see each other. They really are cute together.
Me climbing the wall. I did it a couple times blind folded and it is quite a strange experience but so fun.
Me teaching a camper how to walk a guide dog puppy. (I blacked out the face because we are not supposed to post pictures of campers. So hopefully I don't get in trouble for this pic) The kids loved the dogs it was so fun and a great learning experience for them.

Spankys b-day pool party. That is Godfrey in the background all the camp dogs except for one came. We had so much fun. This is Spankys "mommy save me" look. He wasn't a big fan of the swimming.
And of course can't leave out the b-day hat. :)
Sherwood and Spanky in Wal-mart. I thought Spanky was big until I met Sherwood he was massive!! But a total gentle giant. Sherwood was an awesome doggie!
I don't know why Spanky rides in the car like this but he does.. . and he seems to find it comfy too.
My b-day I went to Santa Barbara and met up with Adeline and her mom. It was so fun to reconnect! Adeline looks great and definitely remembered me.

Doing her agility. She did so good, she isn't exactly fast but she is really precise. That is what her mom tells me. Adeline thinks all of her courses through and while she does not go fast she never misses an obstacle and never hits down the jumps or anything. They are just working on her speed. She looked so good though. I really loved seeing her in action!!!

Up the A-Frame, this apparently is her favorite obstacle during one round she sat at the top for a few seconds before coming down. :)
And the final double jump, look at that form.
Then we all went to the beach, me and Spanky and Adeline and her mom. (You think she remembered me?)

During our teen session we had a Halloween dance and me, Magpie, Hercules, and Arwen dressed up as Smurfs. Me and Magpie were Siamese smurfs (we had belts on connecting us, Herc was papa smurf and Arwen was Smurfette.) It was fun, I don't think I will be painting my entire body again any time soon though. :)
And if you think that Halloween in July is weird we also had Christmas in July complete with artificial snow. That was fun too.
Then was FUN DAY! We all drove up to go to fun day. This is Spankys litter, Spanky, Salvador and Strawberry. They all look a lot alike and act the same too. I think Salvador is the softest one and Spanky and Strawberry are quite bold. :)
Then the highlight of my fun day. I walked past the D4D booth and looked at a dog who looked awfully familiar. He met my glance and started wagging his tail and so I walked behind and said his name and he got up and wagged harder. I told the lady back there that I was his puppy raiser. It was my baby Sherman!!!!! Boy was I excited to see him, and from the picture he felt the same. I talked to the lady back there for a long time and they LOVE him. His foster family was there too and said he is a dream in the house and has three doggie buddies to hang out with. It was nice to know how loved and taken care of he is. And I think he looks awfully good in Blue. I know he is doing the right thing for him and he is so happy!
I took this so you can get a look at his jacket. I miss my boy and am so glad he found a good job that suites him.
Here are those beautiful eyes that I love and that melt my heart. It was so hard to say goodbye to him again. Yes there were a few more tears, but he is so very happy! Bye Sherman keep it up!
This is Whale and her new puppy Amato. Sherwood from camp left for training that day and Whale got her new puppy. He is adorable and this is such a cute picture of the two of them. We missed Sherwood, camp just wasn't the same without him but we wish him luck and we know he will be a great guide.
Day after fun day me and Magpie took Godfrey and Spanky to San Francisco. This is me and Spank on the Muni train.
We took a tour through a submarine and Spanky had to jump through about thirty of these little doorways. He was a champ though, it was so cramped in there and small, we had fun though.

Going up the super steep stairs. Spanky did really well going up and down them. It was pretty much a ladder and I was ready to carry him up and down but he did it himself. :)
Godfrey and Spanky going on the trolly.
I had an encounter with three rattle snakes while at camp and I got a picture of one of them. Rattle snakes are not my friend!
Me riding the horse Blaze.
We went to Pyramid lake on one of our breaks and I wanted Spanky to swim so badly. It took me a while to convince him to get in but he did and he swam for a while, I was so proud.

Standing on the shore (I am not getting in mom)

"Fine I will get in a little"
"Hey mom I am swimming" I didn't take pics of him actually swimming because I didn't want to risk my camera but he did, I swear.
Godfrey and Spanky after their swim and dried off a bit.
This pretty much sums up Blazes personality.

Spankys happy dance. After I am gone for a bit when I come back he hops up and down. (Apparently a daddy trait)

Godfrey and his mommy watching the waterfall at camp.
This is Daughtry I think this is the only pic I got of him but he is a cutie.
After camp I went to Magpies house for a couple days and we met Camelot there a tiny little black labby. He is adorable and pretty well behaved for a three month old. Spanky was not a fan of the baby though.
Godfrey and Spankys final goodbye romp. I think Spanky misses his friend though. I miss Godfrey the goofy golden too. . .
Thats all the pics for now. I may post more later, we will see. :)


Erin and Midnight said...

Wow sounds like you guys had a blast! I love Spanky's happy dance picture!! That one is priceless.
How AWESOME That you got to see Sherman again!!! Wow!!!

Lisa and Runza said...


AND how stinkin' cool you got to see the sherminator! WHOOOOOOOT!

Emily, Suede, and Burgess said...

Great pictures!! I'm glad you guys are home and had a good time. Amato just keeps getting cuter, to let you know ;) He's a sweetie.

Emily and Douglas said...

What a wonderful summer it appeared to be! So many great photos, but my favorite is the one of you and Sherman! He looks wonderful, and it sounds like he has a great foster family too!

Lacey said...

I make a lovely Smurfette, I must say. LOL. I enjoyed seeing all the pics.

TSE Puppyraiser said...

Sherman looks so handsome in his new vest! I hope he continues in that program. Will d4d keep in touch with you at all if he gets placed with someone? Will his new foster family keep in touch?

You have so many amazing pictures there, it really did look like a fun summer. :-)

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