Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Presenting. . .What the Wednesday

So, lets face it, I am a horrible blogger! I want to do better I really really do, so in an effort to let you into my crazy head I present you with What the Wednesday! This idea is hardly original as I stole it from my sister, but I loved the idea so much I am going to try it. It's basically a list of the miscellaneous thoughts in my head over the week, and as this is my dog blog it will mainly be about the furry critters in my life.

Lets get started, shall we?

I love the snow!
but, I hate driving in the snow. . . A LOT!
Orleans loves the snow too. . .
though her hair seems to soak up the bulk of it.
She gets dirty really, really, really easily!

Orlie's favorite place to be is under the cat tree,
under a pile of dog beds,
or under my dresser,
she is strange.

Orleans got her shots last week,
she is LEGAL!
And she has done great on all her outing so far.

Like today, I took her out intending to go to the fabric store and then back home. . .
we went to the fabric store,
then RC Willy,
then another fabric store,
then Best Buy,
then Rhumbi Island Grill,
then ANOTHER fabric store,
and Home Depot,
and then home.
Orlie was AMAZING through the whole thing.
And she has been sleeping ever since.
I am really, really, really proud of her!

I ordered a super expensive head collar online,
but, I am trying to make my own,
I wanted to get the supplies today (hence all the outings)
but I failed!
I am going to try to order the stuff online now.
Did I mention I love this head collar?
Paris is really smart,
she has learned to open the baby gate that keeps the dogs behind the counter at work,
she will open it and let the other dogs out so they get in trouble,
she stays behind the counter though,
because she doesn't want to get in trouble too.

My little sister likes to play hide and seek with Paris,
this usually results in Paris running full speed into something (she is partially blind)
yesterday it was a mirror,

I miss Snickers a lot!
He is in phase 1 of training,
he was in phase 0 for a month,
so I am happy.
I hope he does well, he is a fabulous dog.

I love being home for Thanksgiving,
I haven't seen my family in ages,
I am thankful for my family,

and my friends

and all of my pups (Prudy, Tahoma, Glennie, Adeline, Sherman, Spanky, Fullerton, Paris, Picassa, Snickers, Tartan and Orleans)

and naps,

and for all of you!



Elijah and Hobart II said...

YAY! Can't wait to hear more about Orleans' adventures!!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that head collar! Where did you get it?

Megan & Snickers said...

I got it from The Cozy Critter. It's an online collar shop, and she has a million different designs. I am also trying to figure out how to make them too since they are just a tad expensive.