Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fun Day Trip 2011

Here are some pictures of my Fun Day adventures. Me, my roommate and my boys took off on Wednesday the 20th to spend the next four days touristing around California. It was crazy, busy but so much fun. We did Muir Woods, San Fransisco, the golden gate bridge, the Winchester mystery house and of course Fun Day. Anyway, here are the pictures.

Snickers on the way to California.
This the Grinch's Christmas Tree in the Salt Flats. I always love seeing it.
Are we there yet?
Are we there YET?!?!?
After a good nights sleep our first stop was the Winchester Mystery House. It was so cool, we weren't allowed to take pictures in the house so I only have pics of the grounds and museum. Here are the boys in front of some Winchester riffles.
Some old coin machines in the gift shop.
The outside of the house.
Tartan in the barn.

This door is on the third floor and leads to nothing.
The boys in front of the house.

Me and the boys waiting for our tour.
My roommate, me and the boys in front of the house.
The front door was so cool! The owner of the house only used it once.
Next stop, THE BEACH!! Tartan and Snickers loved the sand but HATED the water.
Snick in the sand.
The boys loved running around in the sand.
Snickers finally got into the water.

Me and my boys.
Tartan played with this piece of kelp for like 30 minutes
I am not really sure what Snick is doing but it's cute.
Then we did San Fransisco.
The boys with Alcatraz behind them.
Me, Snickers, my Roommate and Tartan by the sea lion statue.
Then we got Trish's Mini Donuts (A must every single time I am in San Fransisco, those things are addictive!) and ate them while we watched the sea lions. Tartan and Snickers found them fascinating.
The boys in front of the sea lions. There weren't many, I was disappointing. They are way back on the last plank.
Then we got a sundae at Ghirardellis. Also a must! The boys were so tired.
More Alcatraz pictures. I really wanted to do a tour but three weeks in advance just wasn't enough, they were already sold out through August. :(
Me and my boys under the Ghirardelli sign.
The boys getting a water break.
Then we went to Muir Woods. It was amazing and I love walking through those huge trees.
Tartan and Snickers in front of a fallen tree.

I loved the fog on the way back to the place we were staying.
Finally the day I wait for all year, it was Fun Day!

Tartan got to reunite with his brother Tuscan. He was so cute and much more active than Tartan but otherwise they were very similar.
The vet clinic had a car cutout set up that they had raisers taking pictures with. Me and Snick
and me with Tartan
Snickers getting lots of attention from his daddies breeder keeper, he loved all the attention he got all day.
Snickers sister Sweetie. the other chocolate celebrity. She was very cute. She is much shorter and stalkier than Snickers.
Sweetie and Snickers

Snickers and Tartan waiting in the lunch line
Snickers and Tartan got the new jacket patch while at Fun Day.
Snickers looks thrilled.
The boys were way tired after our crazy few days.
The boys at the closing ceremony
On our way back to the place we stayed we stopped by the golden gate bridge.
Then back home to Utah. The boys took a couple days to return to normal. But, I think they both had a great time and were so good on all the outings we went on.



Elijah and Dembre said...

great pics!

Lacey said...

Why doesn't Sweetie looked stoned? Snickers looks like he is at all times.

Mary Jo said...

What a great post! I loved all the pictures -- especially the belly up shot on the way home. You have a couple of beautiful boys there.