Monday, April 19, 2010

It's good to have spies!

Yesterday I got a wonderful surprise on my facebook page. I have a friend who volunteers at GDB's Oregon campus, and she got me a couple pictures of Fuller!!! She was able to take him on a walk and said that he did very well. It is wonderful to see that he is still in the land of the living and he seems to be happy. I am very proud of my boy, and hopefully a graduation is in the near future for him. He looks great, I don't even have words to describe how wonderful it is to see him.

First picture is of Fuller and his female black lab roommate looking out of their kennel. I can see he still has that funky way of holding his tail that makes him look like he has to poop. He gave me a few heart attacks that way and my CFR once asked me if he normally holds his tail like that. :) Silly boy!
The second picture is while he and my friend where on a walk. He has a pretty bright red/maroon-ish halti on and and is looking at her from the side while he is sitting. He is just so handsome!
I miss the boy like crazy but hopefully he finds his niche here soon before his momma starts to go crazy (or goes more crazy). And, if you haven't seen my earlier post from last night be sure to read the one before this.


Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

There's just NOTHING like getting news...and just as good, PICTURES...from advanced training! Best wishes to Fuller.

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Ah, his roommie : ) Yes, it is very nice to get those little updates and pictures!!! That is a funny way of holding his tail, I can see where you might have a little panic. Hopefully Fuller doesn't have to hang out too much longer!

Sarah and Vance said...

Nothing makes you feel better when you hear news or in your case, see pics of your pup :) Glad to see he is doing well