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Thursday, May 17, 2012

What the Wednesday

Okay, it's been about 4 months since my last post.
I am AWFUL at this!
A lot has happened in the last 4 months

The Paris turned 3!!
I can't believe my girl is that old,
seems like she was just a puppy not too long ago
She had a good birthday,
and even enjoyed some birthday cake. :)
Orleans has been on countless outings,
and she is nearly perfect,
though we are still working on being calm when 
meeting new people.
I don't worry about taking her anywhere,
I know she can handle anything,
because she is a confident little thing!
We've had a lot of snow,
which Paris really loved running around in,
and burrowing in,
and climbing on,
though Paris doesn't mind running through anything.
She is so happy when she can run around,
I like when she is happy
Orleans looks good in the snow too
Orleans LOVES her chew toys,
you name it, she loves it!
In fact, 
she often hoards her toys.
It's funny!
I also got a new job,
as a dog walker,
I hike in the mountains with 10-12 dogs,
they are off leash,
and it is fun,
stress free
and I get to bring Paris with me.
She obviously loves it
Orleans has been to a lot of puppy meetings,
and is always on her best behavior, 
and everyone loves her bubbly personality.
Paris got to meet up with her brother Peanut,
I don't think they look anything alike,
but they are both cute!
Orleans absolutely loves butt rubs,
so much that she will stand on her head,
and stick her fanny way up in the air,
and grunt.
It always makes me laugh
Tartan, the puppy I started last summer,
is headed off to puppy college June 6th.
He is still a 6 month old puppy to me,
I can't believe he is off to training so soon!
Good luck Tart!

Snickers' sister Snapple graduated
and so did his sister Sweetie!
So, out of the 7 pups in the litter
4 were career changed
and 3 graduated!!
And two of those graduates were the choco-pups
Yay, for them, and of course Snapple too.
What great pups they all are!!
Though, I did just find out that Snickers was returned to GDB,
he was a working guide for exactly 4 months,
he is now in a training string,
and will hopefully be reissued soon.
I was so disappointed to hear this,
I really miss my choco-boy, 
But, I guess he just wanted his masters degree in guide work.
He'll be extra educated for the next time around.
Good luck Snickerdoodle,
I was not ready to have a dog in training just yet,
Yay, for anxiety every Thursday for a while. . . 
Well, that's what we have been up to,
Hopefully I will be able to post more often than every 4 months,
it just gets really busy around her,
but I will try hard.


L^2 said...

Did Snickers' partner actually give him up or did he just send him in for more training? I know several people who have gotten GDB dogs in the last couple of years that ended up having to send their dogs in for more training within a few months of being matched, but afterward they all got their dogs back. Whatever the case, good luck to Snickers and Tartan. And congrats to Sweetie and Snapple!

Monica said...

Hi Megan! We just looked over the Training Phase Report and noticed Snickers on the list - what a shock!! I hope all goes well for him during his advanced degree training!!

~ Monica (Raiser to Snapple)

Megan and Pasta said...

Megan, I just read the phase report and was so surprised to see Snickers name on there that I had to come to your blog and see what happened. I can't imagine why anybody would send back their dog, but that's just me. Best of luck to him in finding his forever person this time. Is he still in Oregon?

Elijah said...

Happy to see you back around... we've missed your posts! Seems like lots has happened :)

Unknown said...

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